When most people think of moving to South Boston, the first thing that comes to mind is a strong Irish presence spanning from a long historical journey. Home to Boston’s famed St. Patrick’s Day parade – South Boston has maintained a lively spirit of time-honored traditions, but has grown by leaps and bounds into a modern hub of contemporary living. The 16th century, European-inspired row houses line the streets as some of the most desirable housing with young professionals, eclectic artists, retired urbanites, and the reminiscent Irish population still inhabiting this melting pot of rich culture. Of course, single family homes and other domicile options are available to people moving to South Boston such as the triple-decker apartment buildings, which are a mainstay of the greater Boston area. The less glamorous working-class image portrayed for entertainment purposes is not an accurate representation of this vibrant neighborhood landscape. This borough continually evolves with modern times and has become quite appealing to young couples as the ideal place to start a family. Moving to South Boston and becoming a regular member of the community will give you the opportunity to refer to this neighborhood the way native residents do, calling it “Southie.” While the millennial population are moving to South Boston and making it their home – this diverse vicinity does not discriminate. Residing in South Boston, you will encounter all types of people living and working in the area featuring all sizes, shapes, and backgrounds. You will not feel the need to “fit in” because living in South Boston means that you will be part of something bigger than yourself from the moment that you put down your roots. In addition, if you are devoted to your faith – the parishes are plentiful serving a variety of religions while connecting the neighborhood through unity and camaraderie.


One of the many reasons that Esquire Moving is the perfect South Boston moving company for you is because we offer complete solutions for all of your home and office moving needs. Moving to South Boston is what we do and it does not matter if you reside in a small studio apartment, a one-bedroom condo, a three-floor townhouse or a large single-family home. As experienced South Boston movers with an exemplary history and extensive training – we can handle any moving job that is presented to us. We will not judge your move by the requirements of another, because we know that each customer moving to South Boston is different from the other. The details of your move are unique to you from the number of floors in your home and whether or not you have stairs or an elevator to the number of rooms in your residence, which will help to determine the size of your load. You may need help with packing the contents of your home and if you do – as professional South Boston movers, we can provide a partial packing service or we can conduct complete floor-to-ceiling packing to make your job even easier. If you have furniture components that will require disassembly for transport, Esquire’s South Boston movers have all of the tools and equipment which will enable us to dismantle those pieces safely and effectively. In addition, upon arrival at your new residence – those pieces of furniture will be reassembled to original condition for your use and enjoyment. After we begin with your free consultation to determine all of the particulars regarding how and when you will be moving to South Boston, we will provide you with a moving estimate that features the most affordable rates available. Once we mutually agree to proceed, we will get to work as your South Boston moving company.


Esquire Moving has a proven track record of success with endless rave reviews that reflect the type of service that we provide as South Boston movers.

  • Experience – The reason that Esquire Moving is a leading South Boston moving company is because we have put in the time and effort through thousands of local and long distance moves. We do not just talk the talk – as movers in South Boston, we walk the walk. We have provided service to every type of customer with every type of budget whether moving to South Boston or another region. In addition, we have treated each move with the individualized attention that it deserved and we have done our best to make our customers feel valued and respected. We are not the leading South Boston moving company because we say so – we are, because our customers have said so.
  • Knowledge – Education is essential for every staff member at Esquire Moving to ensure that anyone moving to South Boston is receiving optimum service. Our South Boston movers are trained with all of the appropriate lifting and carrying techniques to maintain the safety of your belongings as well as their own physical well-being. Also, as a professional moving company in South Boston, MA – we require our drivers to have the necessary knowledge and certification to drive and maneuver all of the Esquire trucks carefully through local streets and interstates.
  • Flexibility – We cannot predict unforeseen circumstances, but as your hired South Boston movers – we will happily adapt to any unexpected situation that we may encounter with patience and understanding. Whether you are moving to South Boston during high-traffic hours, residing in a multi-story home with several stairs or facing an unanticipated delay in gaining access to your new residence – our South Boston movers will be as flexible as possible and will find the best solution to any challenge.

Choosing Esquire Moving as your South Boston moving company will help to alleviate your stress while making you feel more confident about your move.

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