House and Apartment Cleaning

Starting at $65 per hour. 2 hour minimum.

When Esquire’s house cleaning staff is on the job, you will be able to enjoy endless days of tidy and clean surroundings without having to lift a finger. When our professionals first arrive on premises – they will take the necessary time to acquaint themselves with your environment while taking a top-to-bottom approach based upon your instructions, to thoughtfully assess the character of your home as well as all that will need to be done. As experienced house cleaners in Boston, MA – we know that some will want comprehensive house or apartment cleaning services on every visit, while other customers will prefer maintenance cleaning. Our objective is to adhere to your wishes and schedule, while providing you with the highest quality of excellence in cleaning services for your house or apartment!

To give you a basic idea of what our house cleaning staff will provide, you can expect the following as available options:

Kitchen cleaning will include all cabinet and drawer exterior surfaces; major appliance exterior cleaning; toaster, portable oven, and microwave interior and exterior cleaning; and disinfection and cleaning of the sink, counters, table, kitchen island, chairs, walls, molding and woodwork, and floors. Bathroom cleaning will include cabinet and drawer exterior surfaces; mirrors; and disinfection of shower curtains or doors, shower and tub, sink, counters, interior and exterior of toilet, floor, and trash receptacles. In addition, our Boston house and apartment cleaners will dust everything within your entire living space from small collectibles and other surfaces to ceiling fans, vents, and door frames. All bedroom and living room surfaces will be cleaned including bed linens, window treatments, and furniture. Carpets as well as all other floor surfaces including stairs will be vacuumed, swept or mopped as warranted. Also, we will clean other surfaces such as drawer and cabinet fixtures, door handles or knobs, lamps, light-switch and outlet wall plates, as well as any other needed surfaces and we will provide trash collection. Other areas such as interior stove/oven, windows, grills, and interior refrigerator cleaning is available but may require an additional fee.


Ana H-min

I never thought that I would feel comfortable having a stranger in my house touching my things, so having professional house cleaning did not seem appropriate for my family, but, the reality is that the members of my household all have a million activities to do throughout the day and evening, and we just do not have the time to do our own home cleaning. So, I took a chance and called Esquire and it was the right choice for my family. When we come home at the end of the day, we have more time for each other, because we have the most amazing house cleaning service in Boston.

Ana H.

Wesley O-min

Safety is something that we always worry about when having outsiders in our living space, but we used Esquire Moving to relocate last year and they made us feel super secure in the process. Discovering that they have a Boston home cleaning service in addition to everything else that they do was perfect, because we know how they background check all of their employees. We are so fortunate to have their company taking care of us, because we know that these Boston house cleaners will be people who we can trust the whole time.

Wesley O.

Carter D-min

I used to work in an apartment cleaning service a few years ago when I was in college. It was interesting to see how the business had changed over the past decade and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Esquire’s professional cleaning service made our apartment immaculate. They dusted my knick-knacks, the tops of my wall hangings, and even my baseboards. I cannot even tell you all of the things that they cleaned in my apartment and it was great! If you are looking for apartment cleaning in Boston, this is the company that you should choose.

Carter D.

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