Junk Removal FAQ

What areas do you serve?

We are based in Boston and provide junk removal services to the downtown and greater Boston areas. Please contact us if you are located outside of that region.

Can I meet with you in person?

Absolutely. We offer a free consultation to enable us to become acquainted with each other. Sharing all of the necessary information with each other will help us to understand your needs and help you to understand how we work. In addition, we will provide you with a no-obligation quote based upon your particular junk removal project and we will not move forward until there is a confirmed agreement between both of us.

How many junk removers will be helping me?

The number of junk removers that we will assign to you will be completely contingent upon your project from the size of the space and volume of materials being removed to any other specific needs that you may require as well as the time that it will take to do the job. This is one of the many topics that will be discussed in advance or during the consultation to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Instead of meeting at your place of business, can we have the consultation at the space where I will need junk removal services?

Of course. Meeting at the space is actually beneficial to both of us, because it will give our junk removal staff a clearer picture of what needs to transpire to make the most accurate assessment possible. Also, this will give you the opportunity to ask as little or as many questions as necessary especially with everything in our presence, ensuring that you will not forget any important matters that you want to address.

How qualified is your staff for junk removal?

Our staff is trained in all areas of the junk removal industry from safety to procedures, to make certain that the project will be handled utilizing the highest standards possible.

Can I count on your junk removers to show up on time?

Yes. Whatever date and time or time window that we mutually agree upon will be honored, because this is how we do our business. Plus, we understand that you have a busy schedule and we do not want to hinder your routine with any unnecessary delays.

Do I need to move my junk to a particular spot for your junk removers to pick up?

No. You can leave all of the heavy lifting to the professionals. We do not want you to harm yourself. Our qualified junk removers are trained and know precisely how to lift and carry in the safest manner possible. Just let us know what you need removed and we will take care of the rest.

Will I have to rent my own dumpster for trash and debris?

No. We will bring trucks that can remove and transport all of the materials and junk that we will be removing from your property. You do not have to supply anything, because we will have all of the tools and equipment necessary.

Why types of items will you remove?

In junk removal, just about anything can be cleared out of your residential or commercial space. We have removed materials such as household items and furnishings; lighting and fixtures; appliances and electronics; old tools and hardware; scrap metal and wood; concrete and bricks; plaster and other construction debris; and office equipment and furnishings.

Will you remove my old paint and cleaners?

No. We have a strict policy against the removal of any hazardous or flammable chemicals. This also includes household or vehicle batteries, fuel, medication, firearms, pesticides, weapons, and any other materials that could be toxic or harmful.

Do I need to make parking available for your truck(s)?

Yes. We ask that you secure all necessary parking permits or make special arrangements in advance for our trucks to park while we are providing junk removal services.

What will you do with the junk that you remove?

We have a variety of options contingent upon the type of materials that you have. We can recycle certain items, donate others, and discard anything that can no longer be used.

How much does junk removal cost?

We do not have a set fee, because each customer’s needs vary from location and type of materials to the volume of what needs to be removed. We will charge by the hour while factoring in the other details of your junk removal to ensure that you will receive a reasonable price that is customized specifically for you.

Do you do background checks on your employees before hiring them?

Absolutely. We want all of our clientele to feel safe and comfortable with the crew members who will be helping you. This is the reason that we vet all of our employees extensively through multiple types of background checks to ensure that you will be getting the most trustworthy individuals available.

What happens if there is an accident or something gets damaged while your staff is cleaning out my premises?

You do not have to worry, because we are licensed and insured to give you the peace of mind that you need. We are covered and we have got you covered!

Do you provide pre-moving junk removal services?

Yes, we do. In fact, we provide both junk removal services prior to moving day and post moving junk removal. If your new residence or place of business has not been properly cleaned out prior to your arrival – our junk removers can do all of the hard work for you to ensure that your place will be ready when you are. In addition, you may be inundated with your to-do list when moving, which is the reason that we offer junk removal services after you have moved, taking that burden away from you so you can focus on the other aspects of your relocation.

Will the junk removers be personable?

Absolutely. Being friendly is essential in our business, because we are people doing business with other people. In our eyes, professionalism requires more than polite manners and basic courtesy. We believe that kindness and a smile will go a long way in making the process run smoothy for you and for us.

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