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Move-In Cleaning

Starting at $65 per hour. 2 hour minimum.

When you enter a new residence that is seemingly empty and clean without anything apparent impeding your arrival – there may be reasons that you should be concerned. Esquire’s move-in cleaning services will address all of the areas that your eyes cannot see such as residual bacteria, which could lead to the flu, e-coli, staph infections, covid-19 or any other number of equally harmful germs. If the previous house owners or apartment tenants were in a hurry to leave due to time restrictions – there is no way for you to know how thorough they were with their own cleaning measures upon departure. Also, if the landlord or realtor did not hire a professional cleaning service to prepare the space for new rentals or buyers – you will not have any idea if your new home is truly clean or not. Commonly used surfaces such as toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, and countertops among an array of other surfaces could be covered with an invisible layer of microorganisms just waiting to infect you. In this current day and age – this issue has become more prevalent and you will need comprehensive move-in cleaning services before you proceed.

Esquire’s move-in cleaning for apartments and move-in house cleaning will offer you the perfect way to protect yourself as well as the other members of your household before settling in. Our accomplished move-in cleaning specialists will not leave any surface of your new residence untouched from cleaning the carpet and window treatments to the tiniest and least significant surfaces such as light switches, electrical outlet wall plates, and pull chains, just to name a few.

Esquire has trained our cleaning service staff to pay attention to the little details to ensure that the big picture will be impeccable upon completion with our move-in ready cleaning procedures. We will clean the interior and exterior of every area from drawers and cabinets to ovens and refrigerators. Every nook, cranny, and crevice will receive our full move-in cleaning treatment.

You can trust that the employees hired to handle your move-in cleaning will be respectful, reliable, and professional at all times. The members of your cleaning crew will not be in your home to socialize with one another or to be distracted by their mobile devices. Diligence fuels our work ethic and customer satisfaction is at the height of our move-in cleaning services.


Melody S-min

I am a single mom with a baby and I did not have the time to clean our new apartment before moving in, but Esquire took that pressure off of me and made it move-in ready with their cleaning services. I feel so much gratitude for the help we received and especially for having such a super clean environment for my baby. I would use move-in cleaning services again and I would definitely recommend it to my friends!

Melody S.

Ian N-min

Everything that could have gone wrong with our relocation did from unexpected detours due to construction work on the road that we were traveling on to the outrageous delays in gaining entry to our new apartment leaving us no time to prepare the place before entering, but Esquire handled everything like pros and then they informed us about their own Boston cleaning service division. We gave them no notice, but they stored our belongings on their truck while they did all of the move-in cleaning for our new home. Thank you for taking such good care of us!

Ian N.

Catherine G-min

I am more than satisfied with our new house cleaning services. With 14 rooms and 3 bathrooms, we had our hands full with the actual relocation and interior décor. The entire house from floor to ceiling was sparking clean and smelled so fresh. We will keep using this company for our regular house cleaning services too, because they are just that professional and good at what they do. Need I say more?

Catherine G.

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