Renovation Junk Removal Services in Boston

Residential and commercial renovations can be arduous from simple restoration plans to complete reconstruction projects. One aspect of this type of endeavor that is usually needed is renovation junk removal services. At Esquire, we understand how involved this process can be and our Boston junk removal specialists understand how much reluctance there might be to embark upon such a labor-intensive and time-consuming renovation. Not to mention, the potential mess that will occur resulting from structural debris or the other items that you will want to have discarded from your home or company premises will only add to your list of things to do. While some junk removal services in Boston, MA may be limited in the scope of their duties as well as the types of materials that they will remove from your property – we are a full service junk removal company that will haul away virtually anything from scrap metal, old wood and plaster to concrete, trash or yard waste.


It does not matter if our junk removers will be cleaning out items that come from only one room in your house or one office at your company – our trained, insured, and vetted junk removal professionals will take out whatever you need and transfer to the appropriate location for safe, eco-friendly, and suitable removal. You will not have to do anything but let us know what needs to be done and our Boston junk removers will do the rest!


Some of the items that our renovation junk removal crew will clean out will include:

  • Appliances
  • Fixtures
  • Plaster
  • Drywall
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Carpeting
  • Tiles
  • Furniture


Brent H

Since DIY is the way that many people go, which was in our budget, we did our own house remodeling. We had more than enough materials. In fact, we had so many materials like drywall and wood, along with the leftover debris from the work we did – we needed to hire a Boston junk removal company to haul everything away. Esquire’s prices were reasonable, especially compared to several of the other junk removal services that we priced. They didn’t leave us waiting, gave us a free consultation, and their junk removers were outstanding. Esquire is a great choice for Boston junk removal.

Brent H.

Eugene L

After deciding to move my company into a larger warehouse because we were expanding, I started searching for a junk remover in Boston, MA because I needed some old items and equipment hauled away for disposal and approximately 1000 sq. feet of carpet pulled out and discarded as well. These junk removers did a fantastic job. I’ve dealt with previous junk removers who were always more like demolition guys but Esquire’s crew was meticulous in their approach and respectful of the surrounding areas. This is a professional junk removal service and I would happily refer them to anyone looking.

Eugene L.

Danica R

My husband and I had our new house gutted and completely renovated. The construction guys did a great job but they wanted to charge an arm and a leg in junk removal fees to take out all of the debris left when they were done. It did not make sense to pay them such a high price after having paid them so much money to renovate our house. We searched around and found out that Esquire offers several different services including junk removal in Boston. This was perfect for us and the price was right! Thanks Esquire!!

Danica R.

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