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Most consumers do not realize just how complex the relocation process can be because there are so many different aspects to consider from the array of departure plans that must be made to the list of preparations necessary for arrival at your new location. This can be overwhelming and stressful if you have to deal with multiple companies or vendors to meet your varying needs in addition to finding an appropriate Boston moving company. However, Esquire has taken the time to do extensive market research, while listening to our customers to find out the best way that we can serve you. We learned that giving you a one-stop shopping experience in relocation and storage would enable us as leading Boston movers to accommodate virtually everything on your list while reducing any pressure that you may be feeling.


Packing is a principal task that must be addressed whether you do all of your own packing or someone packs for you. If you are an individual who is not satisfied with the use or reliability of traditional cardboard moving boxes or you are someone seeking a more environmentally-friendly alternative – then we can help with our plastic moving crate rentals.


Plastic moving crates offer a different type of endurance, because each is manufactured using solid and high-performing plastic that is molded into an autonomous component which is user-friendly and convenient. You will not have to struggle with folding your moving box into shape or having to seal it, because our moving crates have handles that are integrated into the body of the crate, as well as affixed lids with a latching closure for secure containment. Our plastic moving crates are resistant to water or any other type of moisture, including climate issues such as humidity and they are effortlessly washable.


Unlike cardboard moving boxes that take up a lot of space while packing – our moving crates nest inside of one another taking up very little floor space until ready for use and stack uniformly upon one another for efficient loading. Our staff can add inserts for fragile items such plates, glasses, picture frames or other comparable fragile pieces and the inserts can be removed for other packing purposes whether residential or commercial. Our reusable moving crate rentals will save you money in cost, while helping to save waste and our planet at the same time.


When you contact Esquire, just tell us all of the details about your relocation and we will supply all of the rental crates necessary to fit all of your belongings. We will deliver them when you are ready to begin packing and we will remove them after all of your contents have been removed. Plus, if you have any questions, just give us a call and our rental crate specialists will be happy to assist you!

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