Enhanced Disinfection Services in Boston — Commercial Office Disinfection

Enhanced Disinfection Services in Boston

Starting at $65 per hour. 2 hour minimum.

There are times within our lives when an enhanced level of disinfection cleaning may become necessary in our living spaces and Esquire is ready for the challenge. Our home disinfection services will provide you with a superior level of protection in your home to make sure that you, the other members of your household, and your pets will not be subjected to any potentially harmful bacteria. This is just as important in your workspace as it is within your home. Esquire has qualified experts who will provide enhanced commercial disinfection at your office or in other areas of your company. In some ways, this can be even more crucial in an employment situation where multiple people work in close proximity while accessing several frequently-touched surfaces. Office disinfection is designed to provide the deep cleaning that your business setting will require to reduce the exposure of harmful bacterial and viral spread.

Microscopic dust particles and invisible allergens are responsible for causing many individuals to become ill with several of the same symptoms as a common cold or flu. However, Esquire’s enhanced disinfection services will be helpful in minimizing unnecessary and potentially severe allergic reactions, while ensuring that surfaces that could be affected by virus-causing germs such as the flu or covid-19 will be sanitized beyond expectation in home or commercial environments.

While our extremely qualified Boston disinfection service specialists will be beyond thorough – we will pay particular attention to frequently-touched common surfaces in residential dwellings and commercial spaces such as hand rails; elevator buttons; doorknobs; light switches and wall plates; drawer and cabinet handles or knobs; kitchen and bathroom countertops; table tops; appliance knobs, switches or buttons; sink fixtures; and toilet seats, lids and handles.


Wendy T-min

With a cat, two dogs, and two spirited toddlers in our house, it is near impossible to get the deep cleaning and home disinfection that we need, not to mention not having the time and flexibility in our schedules. Esquire’s cleaning service offers outstanding regular weekly housecleaning, but also, they offer premium home disinfection services which is just what we need to make sure that our home is as sanitized as possible for our little ones.

Wendy T.

Luis F-min

In my business retail location, I have to deal with a high volume of foot traffic in and out of the store in addition to many people handling the variety of goods that we sell. This is why it is essential for me to have enhanced commercial disinfection cleaning in my store. I want all of my customers to know that they are shopping in a clean environment at all times. With Esquire serving us, we have been able to meet that goal and give our customers the hygienic atmosphere that they deserve.

Luis F.

Joshua L-min

We needed to find an office disinfection company in Boston, MA to provide the more enhanced cleaning that we need with so many employees sharing the same space, walking on the same carpet, and using the same office furniture. We lucked out when we found Boston cleaning services at Esquire Moving. Sometimes you just have to say WOW, because our office has never been so clean as it is now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Joshua L.

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