Deep cleaning / Anti COVID-19

Starting at $115 per hour. 2 cleaners. 2 hour minimum.

When you enter a new residence that is seemingly empty and clean without anything apparent impeding your arrival – there may be reasons that you should be concerned. Esquire’s deep cleaning services will address all of the areas that your eyes cannot see such as residual bacteria, which could lead to the flu, e-coli, staph infections, covid-19 or any other number of equally harmful germs. If the previous house owners or apartment tenants were in a hurry to leave due to time restrictions – there is no way for you to know how thorough they were with their own cleaning measures upon departure. Esquire Moving highly recommends taking care of yourself and your family and making sure that you are moving into a clean and disinfected apartment or house.


We use CDC-approved and EPA-registered industrial-strength disinfectants with a broad-spectrum kill claim. These specific disinfectants effectively kill the virus and stop it from spreading.


Esquire Moving cleaning team will focus on frequently-touched surfaces such as countertops, knobs, door handles, buttons, sinks, toilet seats, handles, and seats, as well as cleaning of the rest of the apartment or house. Don’t take a chance and call the professionals in advance making sure that you are moving into the clean and safe apartment or house.


Pricing starts as low as $115 per hour for two maids with all the supplies and equipment.


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Updates regarding COVID-19

Dear valued customers, as you all probably already know, we are all currently facing a severe health threat known as the Coronavirus. Esquire Moving wanted to let you know that our company has taken all measures of precaution to ensure that our employees, customers, as well as their belongings are all safe. We take this situation very seriously and would like to inform you that we have taken further steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19:


  • All of our  trucks are cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • Employees who don’t feel well are not working.
  • We have provided sanitizers for all of our trucks and warehouses.
  • Movers clean their equipment on a daily basis.


Please, stay safe.


Truly yours,
Esquire Moving Team

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