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Relocation is not just about transporting the personal belongings inside of your house. Sometimes, this includes moving items outside of your house such as your vehicle. As a full-service moving company – Esquire is your premier car shipping company in Boston, MA that will offer you the ideal solution for transporting your vehicle whether it needs to go to a local, regional, or national location. Our cost for car shipping is affordable and the service that we provide will exceed your expectations. We will safely pick up your vehicle from your desired location and we will deliver it in the same condition that we received it whether it is going to your new home or to one of our terminal locations.


Car shipping is the perfect way to minimize stress especially if your work or personal schedule is limited, because you will not have to take valuable time away from your job or other important relocation tasks to drive the vehicle yourself. Hauling a vehicle on your own can be daunting if you do not have the appropriate equipment or experience driving long distance. As your professional car shipping company – we are licensed and insured with staff members who are vetted through background checks, trained and licensed for long haul driving and vehicle shipping, and we have the expertise necessary to ensure that your vehicle will be treated with the utmost care.


We are recognized for being one of the most requested car shipping companies in Boston, MA, because we care about our customers and we want you to have the positive results that you deserve.

Car Shipping in Boston, MA

Why Choose Us?

We have hand-selected each member of our car shipping staff to ensure that the individuals caring for your vehicle will embody all of the dedication and values that we believe in as a company. We are not interested in winning a contest against other car shipping companies in Boston, MA because we know that our customers deserve more than a winning bid. We want you to know that when you choose us, you are choosing a company that makes safety our number one priority. This is the reason that each member of our car shipping team will receive extensive training in all areas of our industry and will not be put out on the road to transport any vehicle unless and until that individual has received numerous hours of driving experience, as well as state and federal certification and licensing.


We will not treat your vehicle as a mere possession, but instead, honor it with the same respect that we would give to our own vehicles. In addition, we are not interested in trying to empty your bank account with excessive rates that you cannot afford. We are willing to work with you and your budget to find the best and most affordable car shipping options to meet your specific needs. Most importantly, we will not be happy until you are. Therefore, we will make sure that customer satisfaction begins from the moment that we first speak with you until your vehicle is safely delivered and within your possession again!


Will you provide me with a free car shipping quote?

Yes, we will. After you provide us with all of the pertinent information – we will estimate how much it will cost and send you a free, no-obligation car shipping quote. Any adjustments that we will have to make based upon other details that you may provide later will be included in the final quote and we will not proceed with the job until we mutually confirm the final agreement.

Is your company qualified to provide vehicle shipping in Boston?

Yes. Not only are we licensed with the (FMCSA) — Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration through the (DOT) Department of Transportation, but also, we are fully insured to make certain that your vehicle will be covered in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

How do I know that you haven’t damaged my car after delivery?

It is important that you provide us with a detailed analysis of your car before we begin the car shipping process. Providing us with photographs on departure day will make us aware of any existing cosmetic damage or blemishes that your car may have and will help in the inspection process after delivery.

What can I leave inside of my car during transit?

We would not be a responsible Boston car shipping company if we allowed customers to keep personal belongings inside of the car during transit. We cannot be liable for any contents within your car that are not part of the function of the car. We ask that you remove everything that does not belong prior to shipment until the car has reached its final destination.

I have a few furniture pieces that I need to move too, can you do that?

Yes. As a full-service moving company, we can offer you moving services for anything else that you might need transported. However, this will be handled as a separate transaction independent from your car shipping and the household items being moved will be transported in one of our moving company trucks designated for this type of relocation.

Is the car shipping process very long?

There is not a set time frame for car shipping services. We will determine your delivery date based upon the mileage between departure and arrival locations, along with any other special circumstances that may apply to your car.

Do I need to do anything in particular before moving my show car?

If you have a vintage or antique car or if your vehicle has a high monetary value – we would ask that you notify us immediately with that information before we proceed with the vehicle shipping process to ensure that any additional insurance and protection measures are implemented.

How far in advance should I book your vehicle shipping services?

We strongly recommend booking our vehicle shipping services two weeks in advance of your preferred pickup date to make sure that we are available. If you need to book with less notice – give us a call anyway and we will try to accommodate you if we can.

Can I send someone in my place to get my car when it is delivered?

Yes. If you are unable to accept your car upon arrival, then you must notify us in advance of delivery with the name of the person who will be acting on your behalf. As one of the leading car shipping companies in Massachusetts – we are committed to the safety of your vehicle while in our care. Therefore, this individual will need to present a valid ID and will have to sign a bill of lading to confirm delivery as well as the condition of the car after inspection.

Will your car shipping company stay on schedule?

Yes. While unexpected situations could arise impacting the trip such as inclement weather or bad road conditions – we will make every effort to maintain a strict schedule to ensure that your vehicle will be delivered at the desired and agreed upon time.

My vehicle needs repairs. Can you still move it?

As a professional car shipping company that makes safety a priority – we must evaluate the extent of your vehicle’s issues before we can ship it. We must be sure that this type of move will not worsen the condition of your vehicle. In addition, we must be sure that the nature of your needed repairs will not create any safety issues in transit.

What is the difference between open-sided and enclosed transport?

Open-sided auto transport is often a preferred mode of transport for many moving customers because it is typically less expensive than enclosed transport.
Enclosed transport is typically recommended for movement of high-value vehicles to better shield the vehicle from dust, debris, and bad weather conditions. Enclosed transport can be a good choice for luxury vehicles or antique cars.


Alicia R

This is my first time using a car shipping company from Boston and what a difference it made! I was not bogged down with the task of moving the car myself and honestly, I don’t know how I could have done it alone. The staff was great from the people on the phone and the rep I met with to the car shippers themselves. They were on time, they were friendly, and they were professional! Excellent job!

Alicia R.

Matthew P

Esquire is a top-notch car shipping service. I was moving from Boston to a small suburb outside of Chicago with my family. We had too many moving parts to this relocation and it was going to be tricky trying to move multiple vehicles along with our possessions, but Esquire told us that they could move our entire household as well as our vehicles. This was a win-win option for us. I would highly recommend this company for car shipping and residential moving!

Matthew P.

Randy K

I was so worried about shipping my car because it is an antique show car that I put a lot of work and money into that I can’t afford to lose. I needed a vehicle shipping company from Boston that had the experience and knowledge for handling special cars like this one. They quickly put my mind at ease during our consultation, answered all of my questions to my satisfaction, and had all of the necessary licenses and insurance to make sure my car would be safe. I will definitely use them again for future shows!

Randy K.


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