Moving to the Fenway Kenmore neighborhood of today will make you feel as though you are a part of Boston’s history, especially being near Fenway Park, which is the home to the Boston Red Sox. This vibrant area dates back to the late 1800’s and has unique vestiges of the past in various spots around the vicinity such as a bronze Viking monument in Kenmore Square portraying the legendary Leif Erikson. This thriving neighborhood is full of energy from the daily excitement of Lansdowne Street with its many nightclubs, contemporary bars, and delicious eateries to the youthful exuberance of the many students moving to Fenway Kenmore for academic purposes. While some of the existing population has families with kids attending high school, there are a myriad of undergrad and graduate colleges and universities in the surrounding areas with easy access. The type of housing available to those moving to Fenway Kenmore is wide ranging and in demand. This desirable neighborhood continues to grow and evolve progressively with a remarkable blend of traditional living spaces such as the classic brownstone building with an exterior aesthetic that is emblematic of Boston’s history along with the more innovative domiciles that are constructed with upscale features and minimalist designs. Many of the older dwellings have been renovated with additional modern amenities for more comfortable living or to accommodate incoming residents moving to Fenway Kenmore. While these subtle touches of reminiscence maintain the delicate balance within this bustling vicinity, you will notice several developments coming to the neighborhood to pique the interests of the young professionals who are building careers in Boston. Public transportation (MBTA) is easy and convenient, while allowing the residents who are living in Fenway Kenmore to commute to the various sectors of the city and surrounding areas with very little effort or expense.


Are you moving to the Fenway Kenmore area of Boston? Have you been spending hours surfing the web for the best Fenway Kenmore movers? Are you having difficulty distinguishing all of the differences between each of the Fenway Kenmore movers? You do not have to exhaust any more of your valuable time or energy online, because Esquire Moving is the best and most affordable Fenway Kenmore moving company available. Our highly qualified and extensively trained team of Fenway Kenmore movers has the skill that you will need to transport your belongings to your new residence in a safe and secure manner. Our services extend well beyond the parameters of moving to Fenway Kenmore. In fact, Esquire Moving will have much more to offer you as your moving company in Fenway Kenmore, MA beginning with guidance to help you to become more organized with a comprehensive moving plan. This type of preparation will keep you on track while you are moving to Fenway Kenmore and it will give you a checklist of items to make sure that you remember everything essential to your move. With the lengthy list of things that you will have to do before, during, and after your move – our Fenway Kenmore movers will be available to provide packing and unpacking services to you whether you need help packing only certain contents or if you need help packing all of your household and personal belongings. In addition, we will help you to unpack those items upon the arrival at your new home. All of the movers in Fenway Kenmore, MA have something different to offer from the other to their customers. However, as your chosen Fenway Kenmore movers – we offer a complete range of services to meet all of your needs whether you require local, long distance, commercial or residential moving.


Unlike some movers in Fenway Kenmore – we provide a variety of short and long-term storage options to accommodate you if there is a delay in accessing your new residence when moving, if you are traveling or if you are a student who needs to store your items during school breaks. We specialize in every aspect of our industry and we will have no problems accommodating anyone who is moving to Fenway Kenmore.

  • Overnight Storage – Timing can be challenging with such a tight window when moving to Fenway Kenmore from another location. Unexpected situations occur from the delayed departure of those moving from your new residence, unfinished property updates by a landlord or issues during the real estate closings. As your Fenway Kenmore movers, we can provide you with overnight storage keeping your belongings on the locked truck(s) in the Esquire Moving parking lot. Our 24-hour surveillance and security system will ensure that your contents will be safe until ready for transport.
  • Short Term Storage – A versatile Fenway Kenmore moving company has the ability to provide you with storage services as well as moving. Whether you are moving to Fenway Kenmore and need to store all of your belongings while you renovate your new residence for a couple of months or you simply want to store a few things while you take the time necessary to plan your interior design – the Esquire Moving storage spaces are there for you with an immaculate and climate controlled environment featuring a state-of-the-art security system. As your Fenway Kenmore movers, we will keep all of your belongings monitored and protected
  • Cross Country Storage – If you are a student moving to the Fenway Kenmore neighborhood for school, but your family home is in another state or country – we can accommodate your belongings in our secure storage facilities within the Esquire Moving warehouse during school breaks. As your Fenway Kenmore moving company, we understand how cumbersome it can be shuffling around your personal possessions during holidays or in the summer, knowing that you will have to move into another dorm upon your return. Rather than hauling your items back and forth, as your moving company in Fenway Kenmore, we can transport those items for you and you can store them with us without any worry.

Moving to Fenway Kenmore will be a stress-free experience as long as you have Esquire Moving by your side!

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