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East Boston has seen many cultural changes over the years since the 1800’s from the prevalence of Irish and Italian people residing and working in the area to its 1990’s evolution of Latin Americans moving to East Boston and starting new lives. Historically, this neighborhood, affectionately referred to as “Eastie” was home to the most famous political family in the US – the Kennedy’s. Moving to East Boston many years ago – John F. Kennedy’s great grandfather was among many families who emigrated from Ireland because they thought that this was the ideal vicinity. The Kennedy’s resided in East Boston for several years before eventually moving on. From the parishes that connected the residents to the jobs that laborers worked at to provide for their households – the earlier years of East Boston offered a strong foundation for families. They were committed to building something pure and everlasting as they grew together with many other residents who were devoted to the Catholic faith. Moving to East Boston today has become extremely popular among many from the millennial generation who are beginning their careers or starting new families with the current lean toward gentrification. The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the area is enticing to young professionals because of its proximity to Downtown Boston as well as the other sectors of the city. Whether people are choosing to purchase a permanent residence or renting an apartment, those moving to East Boston are pleased with the many benefits of living in this renovated neighborhood. With an array of options available, this continually-evolving urban neighborhood offers several amenities from fine dining restaurants and casual café fare to boutique shopping and other recreational activities. Despite the higher prices, waterfront homes and rentals are particularly desirable and in demand with the spectacular views of Boston’s captivating skyline. The current population is well-rounded with a blend of ethnicities and economic backgrounds providing the kind of diversity necessary to encourage more new arrivals.


What qualifications do you seek in an East Boston moving company? Will your East Boston movers help you to pack and unpack your things? Can movers in East Boston, MA help prepare you for all of the tasks that need to be done? Moving to East Boston or any new location might have your head swirling with a million questions, making it difficult to know exactly where you should start. To make matters worse, choosing the best East Boston movers from all of the moving companies available might seem like a difficult decision. However, Esquire Moving can make this process much easier on you, because we are the leading East Boston movers in the region. In fact, we do not want you to simply take our word for it – just read all of the 5-star reviews about us from our previous customers. We have years of glowing reviews from extremely satisfied customers who were either moving to East Boston, Massachusetts or other locations nationwide and appreciated the services that we provided. If you need an East Boston moving company that will move your musical instruments, artifacts, family heirlooms or original pieces of artwork – you will not need to look any further. Not only will we move those items for you, but also, Esquire’s East Boston movers are trained to understand the most appropriate ways to disassemble (if applicable), handle, protect, pack, and transport priceless items of this nature to ensure safe delivery when moving to East Boston. In addition, our East Boston movers will pack all of your household belongings if you desire to lighten your work load and stress levels. As your East Boston moving company, we will pack up every room and label the boxes accordingly for easier placement and unpacking upon arrival in your new residence. However, if you only need help with a few items or if you would prefer to pack all of your own things into boxes – our East Boston movers will be there to guide you with the best advice regarding safe and efficient packing techniques and we will help you to create a comprehensive moving to East Boston plan for a smooth and seamless transfer.


No job is too big or too small for Esquire’s East Boston movers. Whether you are moving to East Boston in a commercial neighborhood to relocate your business or you are establishing a new residence – we have the expertise and years of experience to serve your specific needs. Moving to East Boston does not have to be a stressful process in your life, because our fully trained and qualified East Boston movers have the ability to handle any set of circumstances and know how to adapt according to any situation presented.

  • No Elevators – You will find when moving to East Boston that many of the more contemporary style residential buildings have elevators, which would make it much easier for your East Boston movers to transport items from one floor to the other. However, some of the older or more classic style buildings and townhouses are designed with stairwells, which could make it more challenging for some movers in East Boston. Esquire’s East Boston movers can adjust accordingly and are fully adept at moving pieces that either have unconventional dimensions or are extremely large in size without the use of an elevator.
  • Narrow Passageways – Another challenging situation that might concern you when moving to East Boston is living within a dwelling that has limited space in the corridors, door entries or around tight corners. Some movers in East Boston, MA might not be able to navigate through these types of conditions. However, as your East Boston moving company, you will never have to worry, because our team members are skilled in carrying and in maneuverability despite how difficult it may appear to be.
  • Delayed Access – No matter how much you prepare for moving to East Boston – a situation beyond anyone’s control could arise such as delayed access to your new residence on moving day. As your East Boston moving company, we provide overnight truck storage services for your belongings, which will be locked and monitored by our digital security and monitoring system. When you are given the keys, your East Boston movers will be ready to resume and will transport your things to your new location safe and sound.

We are the East Boston moving company that most customers prefer, because no matter what – we’ve got your back!

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