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If you are wondering if moving to Charlestown, MA will provide the type of environment that you have always dreamed of having for you and your family, then you are in luck, because this historical area happens to be one of the most coveted neighborhoods in Boston. You may have noticed that Charlestown has been depicted in big screen movies over the years such as Mystic River and The Town while highlighting its original Irish working-class history. However, moving to Charlestown in present-day will unveil a more accurate representation with a harmonious blend of the family-oriented classic roots known to earlier inhabitants, as well as the contemporary urbanity of today’s modern world. As the first capital of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the oldest neighborhood in Boston – Charlestown has held its steadfast position within the city as its own metropolitan community separate from Boston, yet the most integral part of the city. You will see after moving to Charlestown that some families have resided in this closely-connected vicinity for several years, building lives and continually expanding from one generation to the next while still honoring the history that makes Charlestown so special. However, the same members of this neighborhood have been just as open to progress as they have been to the timeless aspects of their history and they have been most willing to open the proverbial gates of the community for new arrivals moving to Charlestown. Of course, those who have an affinity for water will be elated to be moving to Charlestown, because this province is situated upon a serene peninsula between the Charles River, Boston Harbor waterways, and the Mystic River. Moving to Charlestown will offer you multiple mesmerizing views of the waterfront with vestiges of its intriguing history. You will have your choice of living spaces from an attractive wood-framed single-family home and historic brick townhouse to a spectacular waterfront luxury condominium.


The qualities that Charlestown movers should possess are exemplified through the hard work and dedication of the Esquire Moving team. We are a tight-knit group of professionals who lead other Charlestown movers by example. We will never show up at your door unprepared. At Esquire Moving, we have all of the essential tools and equipment to get the job done and as the top Charlestown moving company, we continue to set the bar high, because your satisfaction is paramount to our success. It does not matter if you have a dining room buffet, an oversized living room sectional sofa, a large major appliance or an entertainment wall unit. We know what it means to be the kind of movers in Charlestown, MA that you need and we have all of the hand trucks, dollies, instrument boards, and durable straps that will enable us to secure those objects fully for easier transfer, loading, and transport. Another skill that is imperative for a Charlestown moving company to possess is the appropriate knowledge regarding packing techniques and procedures for antiques, artwork or other related items. If you have artistic pieces that render great monetary value or are dear to your heart with significant sentimental value, our Charlestown movers can protect those items with all of the necessary materials that will provide safe wrapping to prevent any possible damage to the surface of your pieces. We use special glassine sheets and rolled foam as well as soft blankets with thick yet pliant interior padding for extra protection. Whatever is needed, this Charlestown moving company can provide for optimum safeguarding.


We are a full-service moving company in Charlestown that exceeds the expectations of our customers by taking the extra precautions that other Charlestown movers might not even consider.

  • For Your Protection – Experienced Charlestown movers understand the need for safety and as your Charlestown moving company, we will take every precaution. For instance, while some movers in Charlestown might be willing to transport your household cleaners, spray paints, and other chemicals. As your Charlestown movers, we will not transport any flammable or hazardous items. We are not willing to risk any possible harm to your belongings, our trucks or our team of Charlestown movers with anything that might be explosive, potentially dangerous or even illegal. When you move to Charlestown, we want you to feel completely safe from start to finish.
  • Weather Permitting – Mother Nature definitely has her place in New England and she does not always provide consideration for those who are moving to Charlestown on scheduled days. Inclement weather is not unusual in the City of Boston, but can take its toll on those moving to Charlestown, especially near the waterfront. While some movers in Charlestown might be willing to take a chance during a bad snowstorm or other unexpected weather conditions – we do not want you to have any regrets. We are the type of Charlestown movers who believe that safety comes first and if we have to reschedule due to severe weather, we will set up a convenient time that works for both of us.
  • Insured For Damages – As a skilled Charlestown moving company, we will make every effort to conduct a smooth and effortless move. However, situations beyond our control can occur and as your chosen movers from Charlestown, MA we are prepared. Esquire Moving has all of the necessary insurance coverage for submitted claims. All you have to do when you pay your bill in full after moving to Charlestown is contact our claims department in writing and the insurance company will pay the customer directly for any approved claims.

A good Charlestown moving company might take chances, but exceptional Charlestown movers will never take a chance with the safety of your precious belongings!

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