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There are a variety of people in Massachusetts who have an affinity for the excitement of being in Boston with the many options available for daytime recreation or nightlife, but those individuals may not necessarily want to spend every day living inside of a big city. Moving to Medford is the perfect solution offering the peaceful surroundings of a peripheral city with all of the benefits that one would expect when living in suburbia. Yet, you will only be a few minutes away from the vibrant energy and appeal of a metropolis after moving to Medford. The MBTA which has steadily remained the hallmark of public transit in the Bay State will be the ideal mode of transportation after moving to Medford, if you need to commute to your place of employment. Esquire’s Medford movers have advised us that you will have the option of jumping on the bus, subway or commuter rail to reach your desired destination with ease and accessibility. Our other sources tell us that while many communities are becoming inundated with a millennial population, we have heard that a wider-range of individuals are moving to Medford from all age groups including those who are retiring. Many Inhabitants are known for taking advantage of the local opportunities, especially for outdoor activities and those moving to Medford will enjoy these as well. Our movers from Medford, MA have suggested that this locale is a nature-lover’s paradise with several outdoor possibilities to choose from such as the beach, numerous parks, and ice skating, which has been a favorite pastime in the area for decades.


You may encounter moving companies in or near Medford that serve their customers in less than conventional ways such as promising to remove the contents of your home in less than an hour, wrapping only a few choice furnishings with blankets or expecting you to carry some of your own furnishings out to their trucks. Unfortunately, these types of relocation companies do exist, but Esquire is not one of them. We are Medford movers who care about our customers and their belongings. When you meet with us for your free consultation about moving to Medford, we will not promise a time table that is unrealistic. While your Medford movers will make every effort to remain on schedule – the safety of your belongings will take precedence. In fact, we will not limit the number of furniture pieces that we will wrap before moving to Medford. We feel that the best way that we can protect your valuable possessions is by wrapping all of your furnishings securely before we even step out of your house. This will ensure that each item will be shielded from harm while being carried, loaded, and transported. If we notice any surrounding surfaces that could be harmed, our Medford movers will cover and protect those spots as well. In addition, you will not have to be concerned about helping us to do our job. Our skilled Medford movers are trained regarding the most appropriate techniques for lifting boxes, furniture, and other objects in the healthiest manner possible. Do not worry about a thing, because this is our area of expertise as movers from Medford, MA and we will happily do all of the heavy lifting for you.


Being able to count on your chosen moving company from or near Medford is essential to ensure a seamless relocation. Esquire understands what you will need and as your Medford moving company – we will put ourselves into your shoes to make sure that we can fully appreciate your viewpoint.

  • No Surprises – When Esquire becomes your selected Medford moving company, you will not be left in the dark. We take pride in our straight-forward approach and because moving to Medford will be a major change within your life – we will do everything that we can to show you understanding while keeping you in the loop. In fact, unless you will require a last-minute additional service in the middle of moving to Medford or will need something outside the scope of what we usually provide, you will be able to count on consistency without any surprises!


  • No Chaos – The relocation process can feel like an upheaval in anyone’s life, which is the reason that Esquire is so dedicated to maintaining a sense of harmony and order while moving to Medford. The best way that our Medford movers can achieve this more peaceful process is by arriving with a diligent mindset, ready to work in a no-nonsense manner. Our crew will not begin their work with confusion nor will they spend your valued time socializing with each other while moving to Medford.


  • No Worries – Whether you are moving to or near Medford, our team is here to do a job and our goal is to do that job exceedingly well. We are skilled at anticipating all types of situations, because every customer moving to Medford is different with varying needs. Even when faced with circumstances that are unexpected or beyond anyone’s control, as your Medford moving company – we will know how to adapt accordingly. We will do the worrying for you, so you can feel at peace while moving to Medford.

When you are one of Esquire’s customers, our Medford movers will make you our priority!

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