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If you are making a major life change by moving to Lexington, MA, then you will be interested in finding out as much as you can about this attractive region of the Bay State. In fact, if you have ever envisioned living within a classic domicile that was designed with turn-of-the-century nuances and architecture – you will have plenty to choose from to make moving to Lexington the perfect reality. Esquire’s Lexington movers have become resident experts on the many spectacular features of this breathtaking town and they have been exceedingly impressed by the quality of life in this geographical area. While there seems to be a certain degree of affluence that goes in conjunction with living in or near Lexington – the ambiance is far more warm and charming than other cities or towns with similar wealth. Perhaps this welcoming attitude resonates from the proud past that is known to inhabitants and everyone within our nation. Of course, the most popular historical fact that most people will know about is the “shot heard round the world” from the Battle of Lexington and Concord. After moving to Lexington, you will start to feel that same sense of pride knowing that you will be residing in the place where it all began. Our Lexington movers have indicated that you cannot go wrong choosing any neighborhood to make your home, because every sector of the town offers its own distinctive qualities from the peaceful sociability of the residents to the eco-friendly environment that most in the community strive to maintain. Plus, if you have children in your family who will be moving to Lexington with you – they will have access to one of the highest-ranking school systems in the country with a curriculum that exceeds most in the greater Boston area.


The actions of Esquire’s Lexington movers will certainly speak louder than our words, because we are working daily to be the relocation service that the consumers deserve. Your initial correspondence with us as your prospective Lexington moving company could be the deciding factor for you. This is the reason that we want to set the tone right off with professionalism, respect, and open-communication through our no-charge consultation. We will discuss several matters from the pertinent details about moving to Lexington and your personal preferences to the benefits that you will gain from having us serve you for this very important event in your life. To be the best Lexington moving company for you, the Esquire administrative team will sit down and evaluate all of your information to devise a customized plan that will be appropriate for moving to or near Lexington. This will allow us to calculate the most suitable pricing, which will be based upon the size of your living space from the number of rooms within your residence to the number of floors, the mileage between locations with any provisional stops along the way, and the number of trucks and Lexington movers that you will need. After we reach an agreement to move forward with Esquire as your secured Lexington moving company – we will implement our plan on the day of arrival with a qualified crew that is ready, willing, and able to perform their best for you. Our Lexington movers will not be satisfied that everything is complete until they are confident that you are pleased with the results after the last box is unpacked and the final pieces are placed inside of your new home.


When you need services that will extend beyond the standard benefits provided by most of the Lexington moving companies in the area – you can trust Esquire to fill in those gaps with our comprehensive range of amenities to make certain that we can accommodate you on any level.

  • Storage for Students – Moving to Lexington for off-campus housing to attend a nearby college far away from home can be exciting for a burgeoning student on the cusp of new adventures and opportunities. However, having to relocate from year to year or between semesters while moving your personal possessions back and forth between home and school can be daunting. Not only can Esquire’s Lexington movers transport your belongings, but also, we can offer you short term storage on summer and holiday breaks to keep your things safe and secure.


  • Storage for Residents – You may discover that you will need to do some interior renovations on your new house after moving to Lexington. You will not have to worry if you are concerned about where to put your furniture while the work is being done with Esquire as your Lexington moving company. We have storage facilities that are immaculate, monitored 24-hours per day, and ideal for your short-term needs. When your home is ready, our Lexington movers will be happy to deliver your furnishings back to your residence.


  • Storage for Businesses – Some companies in or near Lexington may need a little extra space to store business inventory or spare office equipment and supplies. In addition to relocating your merchandise and incidentals – our Lexington movers can transport these items directly to the Esquire storage units to help you with your warehousing needs. Also, if you will require temporary on-site storage for photographic staging or equipment accessibility during a special event such as a trade show or convention – our Lexington movers can accommodate you.

The versatility of the services that Esquire can offer you as your chosen Lexington moving company is boundless!

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