How Much Does It Cost to Move From Boston to New York?

Moving from Boston to New York is a major life event. You’re not only uprooting your life, but you’re also moving between two of the nation’s most vibrant cities. So, what are the differences? What do you need to know? Let’s take a look at each city, and what to expect when it comes to the moving process between Boston and New York.





Boston isn’t just the capital of Massachusetts. It also represents the state as a whole. There’s no denying that there’s no city quite like Boston. It boasts incredibly passionate fan bases for the Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, and Bruins. Boston also features some of the best seafood in all of the United States, thanks in large part to its location right on Massachusetts Bay. While the winters can get cold, you’ll enjoy all four seasons in Boston. And if you’re concerned about education, look no further. Boston College, Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and many other prestigious universities call Boston home. So go visit the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, catch a game at Fenway Park, or enjoy a day strolling the streets for shopping and fun.



New York


As perhaps the most famous city in the world, New York needs no real introduction. The eclectic hub of business, culture, and so much more is full of individuals from all over the world. This is where you’ll find public transportation in full throttle, and where knowledge of the subway system is a must. Of course, there’s never an end to the fun and entertainment you’ll find in New York. As a sports fan, you’ll have your pick of games on any given night. With two sports teams in virtually every league, a night at the ballpark, stadium, or arena is always available. Check out a Broadway show, visit the Statue of Liberty, or have a relaxing day in Central Park. The only limit to the potential excitement of New York is your imagination.

Tips & Costs When Preparing for Your Move


The preparation period is the most vital aspect of your overall moving process. Why? This is when you’ll make most of the decisions that impact the convenience, price, and ease of your move from Boston to New York.

The most important tip is selecting proven and trusted Boston movers. First and foremost, a moving company with professional moving services will have built-in insurance to keep you covered and give you peace of mind.

The best Boston movers will also be able to handle the entire move for you. That includes packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and even storage. They’ll also have intimate knowledge of the roads and how to both safely and quickly get your belongings where they need to go.

Additional preparation tips include:

  • Packing your items several days before the move. This will avoid unnecessary confusion and inconvenience, especially when you find that you need additional materials.
  • Utilizing proper packing materials for delicate items. The best Boston movers will pack your items using premium packing materials.

Get in touch with a building manager to make sure you’ll be able to move in at your expected arrival time.

Watch Out for Boston’s Busiest Moving Days


From higher costs to more hassles, Boston’s busiest moving days have little to desire. What could be a quick, easy, and quiet move has the potential to turn into a long, difficult, and noisy move on those days.

Some of the hassles you could be looking at on these days include:

  • Long wait times
  • Crowded buildings and streets
  • Little to no vacancies at storage facilities
  • Crowded hallways within apartment buildings
  • Higher prices for moving and storage

The best Boston Movers will make it as convenient as possible, but staying away from Boston’s busiest moving days is your best option.

So, which are the busiest days for local Boston moving?

The worst possible days to move locally within Boston are August 31st and September 1st. Why? These are the most common dates for the endings and beginnings of leases.

However, it’s a good idea to avoid the last day and the first day of any month, if possible. Once again, these are often chosen as the key start or end dates for leases or any type of housing contract.

Packing Tips


With a proper packing plan and technique, you could be able to limit the required space, the size of both storage and vehicle space, and the costs for the overall move. As always, our team here at Esquire is fully prepared and capable of executing the packing process for you, if preferred.

When it comes to planning, start by breaking everything down by room. Consider how many boxes and other materials you’ll need in each room. Here at Esquire, you can order more boxes than you need. We’ll deliver the boxes straight to your door, then pick up the boxes you don’t use. Of course, we only charge for the boxes used.

Pay special attention to delicate or unique items, such as electronics, ceramics, or anything that’s an odd, bulky shape. Don’t worry about your furniture if you hire Esquire. Our team will disassemble your furniture for safe transport, then reassemble all furniture upon arrival in your New York home.

Once again, you’ll want to clearly mark all boxes so you know where each one goes. Try to be as specific as possible to make the unpacking process easy and seamless. It’s a good idea to mark the room for each box on multiple sides so it’s always easy to find. And if you have items that need to be kept upright, be sure to indicate that on the box.

Esquire Moving is here to handle all the packing for you. Our experts will pack with premium materials and handle every item with care.

Rent a Van or Hire Movers?


Should you hire movers from Boston to New York? Or should you rent a van and execute the move yourself? Let’s take a look…

When many people first consider whether to rent a van or hire movers, they forget about many of the costs and inconveniences that come with attempting a move yourself. For starters, you’ll need to allocate several hours to planning, packing, loading, driving, and unloading. You’ll also need to make time to rent or purchase all necessary equipment and materials.

Here are some costs that will come into play:

  • Van rental
  • Insurance and licenses
  • Boxes and packing materials
  • Gas
  • Storage
  • And more

And despite all those costs, renting a van and completing the move yourself is still likely to be a stressful experience during which the responsibility is solely on your shoulders.

When you hire movers from Boston to New York, everything is done for you. Depending on your needs, the movers will be able to plan, pack, load, transport, and unload everything. They’ll provide boxes, equipment, and a clean moving vehicle. They’ll also have moving insurance that keeps you covered.

Hiring movers means paying one up-front cost, then sitting back to relax while everything is handled for you. And when you hire the best movers, Esquire Moving, you’ll be guaranteed low rates, incredible service, and zero hidden fees.

What Price to Expect When Moving From Boston to New York


Rather than renting a van and completing the moving process yourself, let Esquire Moving do it for you. The transparent, up-front price will be a flat rate, and will include everything you need for the move. A responsive customer service representative will work with you to discover your moving requirements and craft a plan that suits your needs. Remember, everything will be included in the flat rate, including fuel, insurance, and more. And we guarantee no hidden fees. For a single truck and moving team to move a 1 bedroom home, expect an approximate price ranging from $950 to $1250. This will depend on the size of the move, storage requirements, and any packing services to be completed by our team.

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