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Planning any move can be stressful. You want to make sure you have every detail taken care of ahead of time, so when the big day comes there will be as little stress as possible. If you’re planning a move in the Boston area, or surrounding communities, then hiring a moving company in Boston, MA is the best way to ensure the big day goes off smoothly and stress-free.

Esquire Movers is the premier moving company in Boston. Your things will be handled with the utmost care by our team of skilled, professional movers. No matter how close or far you are moving, our local Boston movers have the skills and professionalism to deliver the best results, every time.

At Esquire Movers, we stand out from the rest. Because we always give all of our clients transparent, up-front pricing, our method guarantees there are no unpleasant surprises. Storage and packing are only two of the many services we offer to make your move exactly as you want it. Rest assured, you'll only pay for additional services if you decide to use them.

Since 2015, we have been assisting Boston residents with the planning and execution of moves of all sizes. Esquire Movers was started for one purpose – to serve our customers in the best way possible. And we strive to treat every customer we encounter like a member of our own family, and their belongings as if they were our own.

If you need moving services in Boston, we guarantee that Esquire Movers will deliver an experience that goes beyond your expectations. An environment of trustworthiness, respect, accountability, and greatness is fostered here. Contact us today for a free quote and let our team of trained, professional movers do the rest!

Esquire Moving & Storage Offers Best Moving Rates in Boston

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Interstate Moving. Same or next day delivery on the East Coast & Central U.S.

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The Best Moving Rates in Boston

When you’re planning a move, the last thing you want to worry about is receiving a surprise bill at the end of the day. But that’s exactly what many so-called professional moving companies do.

One of the main things that individuals who are contemplating a move think about is the expense of hiring a moving company. Every move will be different, depending on the size of the move and how far you are moving. The expense of packing or finding a temporary storage facility for your belongings is another potential expense.

Many movers will charge by the hour for their services, and then charge travel fees depending on the pickup and drop-off location. Some will charge extra for each extra mover needed for the job. They might charge extra for bulky or heavy items. They might tack on a long carry fee, elevator fees, or fees for each flight of stairs they must climb. Let’s not forget the cost of insurance for your items.

What makes Esquire Movers different? It’s simple. Esquire Movers is a private, flat rate moving company. We are not affiliated with a franchise or van line, and we pass those savings along to our customers.

Esquire offers free moving estimates and upfront pricing so that you know exactly what to expect when it comes to the cost of your move. Every customer receives a custom estimate based on their specific needs. Contact us today for your free moving estimate!

Esquire Moving Company Truck

Esquire Moving Services


Local Moving


Whether you’re moving across town or moving across the street, Esquire Movers are always ready to help! We offer affordable, flat rate moving services for local moves, no matter how big or small. We consider every move equally important because we know every move is important to our customers. Even a move across a short distance can be physically and mentally demanding. Esquire movers will consider every aspect of your move and base your individualized estimate on those factors and those factors alone.

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Long-Distance Moving


Planning a long-distance move might seem overwhelming – but Esquire Movers are ready to help you sort it out! Every customer receives an upfront estimate from us, so they know precisely what to anticipate on moving day, and we provide cheap pricing for long-distance relocation. Our team of professionally trained movers has the knowledge to safely load, transport, and unload your belongings. Coordinating and carrying out long-distance relocations is within our capabilities.

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Packing Services


Packing your belongings in preparation for a move is a task that most people dread. It can seem like a never-ending job that requires a great deal of your time to execute correctly. So, using Esquire is yet another wise choice you may make during this procedure. We offer our services for transfers of any size and have the know-how and experience to pack your belongings so they get to your new place securely! Rather than you doing all the labor, let us handle it.

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Storage Solutions


Coordinating a move of any size can be complicated, and it can be hard to line up move in and move out dates exactly. If you are planning a move out of one location before the next location is ready for you to move in, you might need to store your belongings in the interim. Not a problem! Esquire Movers can help with storage solutions as well! Your valuables will be safe in our climate-controlled, humidity-controlled, and alarm-secured storage units.

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Commercial/Office Moving


Planning a commercial or office space move in the Boston area? Then you could definitely use the help of a skilled team of professional movers. Commercial moves usually involve a large amount of heavy, bulky items like furniture, as well as expensive and delicate items that require special care. Esquire Movers offers upfront estimates for commercial and office moves so you will know exactly what to expect, and we guarantee timely service so you can get back to work quickly!

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College Moving


Starting a college adventure? The last thing you want to worry about is planning a move while getting ready to begin this new chapter. Esquire Movers can take over the logistics of planning a college move, so you can focus on planning your next academic move instead! We can package your belongings and transport them safely or store them in one of our secure facilities until you’re ready to move in!

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Piano Moving


Many times, people who are planning a move feel they have no choice but to leave their beloved piano behind. Care and expertise are required for the delicate operation of moving a piano. Esquire Movers has the skill and experience to help you safely move your piano, no matter how close or far you are moving. We will package and secure your piano, so it is sure to remain safe and sound during transport. And we handle the heavy lifting of loading, unloading, and delivering your piano, so you don’t have to consider leaving it behind.

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Small Moves


Are you planning a small move? Are you wondering if hiring a professional moving company is worth it? Esquire Movers can help you with any move, large or small. We treat every situation with equal compassion and care because delivering exceptional service to every customer is exactly what we are about at Esquire!

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American Chair and Seating

American Chair and Seating





Transparent International

Transparent International

Honey Collins Interior Design

Honey Collins Interior Design

Stage to Sell

Stage to Sell

Why Hire Professional Moving Company?

When you need a competent moving company in the Boston region, call Esquire Movers. No matter how big or little the move is, we have the know-how, abilities, and experience to make it a success. Every single one of our clients is treated with the highest regard, consideration, and care by our employees. The satisfaction of our clients is our first priority, thus we go to great lengths to ensure their satisfaction with every interaction.

If you’ve ever had to plan and execute a move before, you know very well how much work goes into the process. But oftentimes, people try to do all the hard work themselves because they believe the cost of hiring a professional moving company is just too much.  

But the truth is, Esquire Movers offers competitive and affordable moving solutions for the Boston area and hiring a team of trained professional movers has many advantages.   


Movers Do the Heavy Lifting for You 

Most of the hard work that comes along with a move is the heavy lifting required to move your belongings. Most people who have moved before probably remember how tiring those repeated trips back and forth can become. Carrying heavy, bulky furniture often requires multiple people lifting at the same time. Many customers are just not in the position to do this heavy lifting themselves. Not to mention that you risk serious injury if you attempt to carry heavy objects alone or without the proper knowledge of how to do so safely.   


Movers Guarantee Your Belongings Are Safe  

The last thing you want to experience during a move is damage to your belongings. Hiring a professional moving company can ensure that your belongings, from the largest piece of furniture down to the smallest and most delicate items, are packaged, loaded, transported, and unloaded safely. Each and every one of your belongings is handled with the utmost care by our team of skilled, knowledgeable movers, who also possess the know-how to guarantee their safe arrival at their final location.


Movers Have the Right Equipment  

When you hire a professional moving company, you get the benefit of specialized tools, packing materials, and equipment to ensure the job is done correctly. Our movers have the right tools to ensure your belongings are safely loaded and unloaded. And we remove the risk of damage to your belongings or injury to yourself by doing every job with the right equipment.   


Movers Get the Job Done Quickly and Efficiently

Moving is a process and can take a lot of time out of your schedule. You have to package your belongings, box up your items, and load them all onto a moving truck or vehicle. This surgery might be strenuous and draining if not performed under expert direction. And you may need to make several trips back and forth between locations, meaning even more time out of your day. And then you need to unload and unpack all those belongings. Hiring professional movers ensures you will have the right amount of manpower to get the job done quickly and efficiently.  


Movers Can Actually Save You Money in the Long Run  

A lot of people avoid hiring a professional moving company because they believe it is simply too expensive and beyond their budget. But considering the amount of time you will save by allowing a team of trained, skilled professionals to do the hard work for you, that is hardly the case. Not to mention that a professional moving company can typically get your move done in a single trip, so you won’t be wasting gas money traveling back and forth numerous times. We provide each customer a personalized, up-front quotation so there are no surprises. And because we offer flat-rate services, we can offer you an economical solution for handling any kind of transfer, no matter how big or little, in a safe and efficient way.

Esquire moving provides free* furniture protection on the moving date

*$25 discount towards furniture protection supplies once you have booked with us

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Got a question? Esquire Moving is here to help.

Please call our office Monday through Sunday 9am to 6pm Eastern Time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I choose Esquire Movers?

Every client receives the best possible care, attention, and service from us every single time. When you choose Esquire Movers, you are working with one of the top rated moving companies in the state. To ensure that your relocation goes off without a hitch, we’ll work with you to personalize every aspect to your exact specifications.


  1. Is Esquire Licensed?

Yes, absolutely! Esquire is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We are more than happy to provide you with proof of our COI upon request when you book with us.


  1. When is payment expected for my move?

Payment for local moves is expected upon completion of the job. We want to guarantee that you are 100% with your experience. For long distance moves, 80% of the payment is required at the pickup and the remaining 20% is due upon delivery.


  1. Do you require a deposit to book a move?

No, we do not require a deposit of any kind to book with us! Making this process as simple as we can for you is our aim.


  1. Which forms of payment are accepted?

For local moves, we accept credit or debit cards (4% service fee), personal checks, and cash (cash customers get a 3% discount). For long distance moves, we accept cash, credit or debit cards (4% merchant fee), and certified checks or money orders.


  1. How accurate is my moving estimate?

You will definitely know where you are moving from and where you are moving to better than we do, and you know the amount of belongings that need to be moved better than we do as well. The more details you can provide and the more transparent you can be with our friendly sales reps, then the more accurate your quote will be.


  1. Do you have moving crates available?

Yes! We have durable, reusable crates available for your convenience. We offer a typical rental period of two weeks plus free delivery and pickup within the Greater Boston area.


  1. Will my possessions be covered by your insurance policy?

Absolutely! To cater to your requirements, we provide two distinct insurance plans. Our basic option is 0.60 cents per bond, which is included by default. Our full replacement cost coverage is $45 per $1,000 of liability with $5,000 minimum coverage. Speak to one of our friendly sales reps for more information.


  1. Will I receive a Certificate of Insurance (COI)?

We are happy to provide the COI upon your request. If your building needs to be added as an additional insured or certificate holder, please let us know and we will update it accordingly.


  1. In the event that something breaks, what should I do?

In the event any of your items are damaged, we will always make it right for you! Please reach out to our friendly claim rep at the general phone number 617-952-1505, ext. 3 or email us at


  1. Are there any items you are unable to move for me?

Every job is different, and it will depend on the conditions of the job and specifications of the items. We always put safety first and will assess each project before issuing a quote.


  1. Am I expected to tip my movers?

We are 100% sure you will love our team of professional movers and will be impressed by their skill and attention to detail. If you feel inclined to leave a gratuity, they will most certainly appreciate it. However, it is not expected.


  1. What happens in the event of inclement weather?

In most cases, the weather won’t be a problem. We are prepared to do our job – rain or shine! However, in the event of snowstorms or weather conditions where black ice may be present, we may have to reschedule your move to guarantee the safety of our team and your belongings.


  1. When is the best time to schedule a move?

Scheduling during the summer season, when the weather is typically good, is a great idea. However, because summertime is the busy season for moving, rates are typically more expensive. Fall time is also a good choice, because the weather is likely to still be decent and you can enjoy the fall season savings because hourly rates are less expensive.

Our 8-Step Moving Process

Get a Free Quote

We’ll give you an accurate quote based on the details of your move. Give us a call to get started.


We’ll get to work devising the most suitable moving process for you, including the premier services or customers love.

We’ll Do the Packing

Don't pack if you don't feel like it! We have top-notch packing materials and will take care of it for you.

Protective Padding

Our moving specialists will place down padding on your door frames and walls, ensuring the protection of your property.

Furniture Disassembly

We’ll carefully take apart your furniture, making it easier and safer to load, transport, and unload each item.

Loading & Storage

Here at Esquire, we treat your belongings as if they were our own. In addition, we have a safe storage facility available if you require room.


Our experienced drivers will be backed by dispatchers constantly ensuring the most efficient and safest route to your destination.


Once we arrive at your new home, we’ll unload every item and reassemble your furniture according to your preference.


Esquire is a leader within our industry as well as among Boston movers, because we epitomize the qualities that consumers should look for when searching for a relocation company. However, some people may not realize that the moving company that they plan to hire might not be the best choice until it is too late. If you do not know what distinguishes one from another, this could result in a long day of costly issues and irreparable harm. Because we do not want you to be subjected to a company that is not worthy of your time and money – we have a few tips that might be helpful in choosing the ideal movers for you.

Boston movers
  • Always consider a moving company from Boston, MA that is fully licensed and insured. It is important to know that your valuable possessions will be safe and protected at all times with financial recourse if something unexpected should happen.
  • Any movers that promise unrealistic deadlines with lightning quick speed will not have your best interest at heart. A relocation takes time and precision. The right company will have excellent time management skills, while working with efficiency to ensure that your belongings will be handled and transported safely.
  • Many movers from Boston, MA will not wrap all of the household furnishings with blankets. Doing this is incorrect. All of your furniture should be covered properly by your Boston movers with the appropriate materials before exiting the premises to make certain that each piece is protected from door to door.
  • Your movers should take pride in their appearance from the company brand and uniforms worn to the cleanliness of their trucks as well as the office and warehouse facilities. If the moving company cares enough to look the part – they will care enough to back it up with high quality service.
  • Read the fine print, pay attention to everything that is said to you, and ask questions to make a fully informed decision. You should never accept anything less from a moving company than what you deserve because this is a significant life event.

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