Your Ultimate 8-Week Checklist for a Stress-Free Move with Esquire Moving

Moving homes is a fun but frequently stressful moment in our lives. Moving requires careful planning, organization, and a little patience, whether across the street or the country. But don’t worry; we cover you. The moving professionals at Esquire Moving created this 8-week moving checklist to help you through every step of your relocation and make it as easy and stress-free as possible. Let’s start now!

8 Weeks Before The Move: Start Planning

Kick-off the process by taking inventory of your belongings and beginning to learn about your new community.

Evaluate Your Inventory

Making an inventory of your belongings will assist you in deciding what to take. Consider removing something if you last used it in the past 12 months.

Research Your New Community

Learn more about your new community to facilitate a quicker adjustment. Discover the grocery store locations, parks, libraries, and other places you could visit.

6 Weeks Before The Move: Notify the Important People and Companies

Inform everyone who needs to know about your upcoming move.

Notify Your Contacts

Notify friends, family, and relevant businesses of your new address.

Begin the Change of Address Process

Ensure that your mail is correctly forwarded and your important records are updated with your new address.

Notify Your Landlord

If you’re renting, give your landlord notice.

4 Weeks Before The Move: Start Packing

Pack non-essentials and hire your moving company. It’s crucial to hire professionals like Esquire Moving to make the process smoother.

Pack Non-Essential Items

Proper packing can prevent damage. Make sure to secure fragile items and use appropriate boxes.

Hire Esquire Moving

Esquire Moving is well known for its expertise and superior service. Ensure all the required preparations have been made with them now.

Two Weeks Before The Move: Time for Final Preparations

Clean your house and prepare for the journey to your new home.

Clean and Prep Your Home

A clean home is easier to inspect for potential damage or forgotten items.

Prepare for The Trip

Ensure your travel arrangements are confirmed and ready.

Finish Up Miscellaneous Tasks

Don’t forget the small things – they matter too.

One Week Before The Move: Final Countdown

Prepare your appliances for the move and confirm your arrangements.

Prepare Your Appliances

Make sure your appliances are ready for the move to prevent damage during transit.

Contact Utilities and Service Providers

Update your utility companies to avoid paying for services you no longer use and ensure services at your new home.

Plan Last-Minute Prep for Move-Out Day

Confirm last-minute details with Esquire Moving.

Managing Move-Out Day

Ensure everything runs smoothly on the big day.

Plan Last-Minute Prep for Move-Out Day

Your final preparations can make the actual moving day less stressful.

Moving into Your New Home

When you arrive, make sure the unpacking process is organized.

Moving into Your New Home

Make your new place comfortable as soon as you arrive.

Unpacking and Unwinding

Now that the moving process is over, it’s time to make your new place feel like home.

Unpacking and Unwinding

Spend some time unwinding and adjusting to your new surroundings. Remember to tell Esquire Moving what you thought of the experience.

So, there you have itβ€”a thorough, week-by-week roadmap to assist you in getting through your relocation. A proper strategy and the right moving company may make your relocation less stressful and fun. Happy relocation!

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