The idea of moving to Miami may feel a bit intimidating at first as you envision your new life in a completely different location from where you came from with new and unfamiliar surroundings. It is not always easy to leave the neighborhood that you have called home for many years, the career that you have worked hard to build or the friendships that you have cultivated over time. However, you may be pleasantly surprised after moving to Miami, because throughout the many progressive changes that this city has endured from decade to decade – the essence of its long time nickname, “The Magic City” has remained. Relocating to Miami may be the most amazing, yet life-defining decision that you have ever made and with a few helpful Miami tips – you too will discover its magic.

  1. Moving to Miami

Your dream has finally come true and you will be making your long awaited Boston to Miami move very soon. However, before you get there, you will have a long list of things to do. Many people dread the idea of moving, because there is so much preparation involved. However, if you plan carefully while utilizing an efficient system of organization – moving to Miami will be less daunting. One way to ensure that your Boston to Miami move is stress free is by choosing Boston to Miami movers that have your best interest on the top of their priority list. A long distance move can be time consuming and labor intensive contingent upon the distance and size of your load. However, skilled interstate movers can absorb the brunt of the effort while guiding you in the areas of which you will need the most help. Relocating to Miami or to any new location can be an expensive process from the cost of housing, new service deposits, license and registration transfer fees, and any other costs related to establishing a new residence and/or commercial space. Consequently, you will need a long distance Boston mover that is listed as a full service moving and storage company that offers an elevated level of service with the most affordable rates. This will help to make your move as cost effective as possible without all of the worry, knowing that your belongings will arrive safely in Miami.


  1. Atmosphere

Why would you ever need to travel to an island for a destination vacation, when you could move to Miami and reside within a tropical paradise every single day of the year? While the air can feel a bit balmy at times with hotter temperatures during the peak hours of the day – the magnificent ocean breeze will quickly cool you off. Every day can be a beach day when you move to Miami whether it is a quick dip before you go to work, a relaxing swim when your workday has ended or an evening in the ocean under the stars. The sunrises and sunsets are picturesque with long lasting days of sun between dawn and dusk. In addition, with the large number of tree canopies spread out throughout the city, the vast amounts of oxygen generated by these trees create a healthy atmosphere that is ideal for people moving to Miami. This exceptional air quality is especially helpful in retirement communities ensuring easier breathing among residents who may have respiratory issues.


  1. Environmentally Clean

Over a decade after being recognized by Forbes as one of America’s cleanest cities, the community of Miami has resolutely maintained that status through an ongoing public effort. From local government officials to the residents – the pride felt for this coastal city has been the driving force behind its unwavering mission to keep Miami clean. Many people from all over the nation are moving to Miami for its pristine beauty and if you are relocating to Miami, you will be fortunate enough to experience that same sense of pride. However, the cleanliness of the city is only the tip of the iceberg with Miami’s even larger initiative of maintaining greener standards, as shown with the protected natural forests and urban tree canopies. As a new member of the community, you will notice a few different regularly aired public service announcements created by various adults and children that encourage the city’s inhabitants to stop littering and keep Miami clean. The cost of living in Miami is having a full understanding of the city’s commitment to greener standards and realizing that recycling is a regular way of life. Illegal trash dumping is not tolerated and is monitored by local law enforcement. Residents participate in weekly community clean-up events and are urged to use designated drop off sites for excessive trash and chemical collection centers for the disposal of hazardous waste. Another thing that you will notice after you move to Miami will be the numerous street sweepers that make regular rounds throughout the city utilizing hand-designed steel gutter brooms. Of course, with the growing problem of water pollution, Miami’s Scavenger 2000 is on the job. This decontamination vessel travels through the waterways daily, scooping up surface debris up to 10,000 pounds weekly, while decontaminating 20,000 gallons of water per day through its unique oxygen purification system. If you want to live in a clean and eco-friendly environment, moving to Miami will be the best choice for you!


  1. Neighborhoods of Miami

The decision-making process can be difficult regarding where the best places to live in Miami are with so many inviting options. The enchanting bayside village of Coconut Grove, which is the oldest neighborhood in Miami, offers an effervescent resonance among its inhabitants. This liberating conveyance of artistic distinction and its all-embracing culture makes way for a more eclectic personality and presence, while being the perfect place to begin your new life after moving from Boston to Miami. The Coral Gable neighborhood is an established area of diversity with an economy to match. Featuring a strong proclivity toward contemporary minimalism with Mediterranean undertones – this might be the best place to live in Miami if you have more modern taste. The downtown Miami area boasts its Latin panache with its blended population of Cuban Americans living within more metropolitan surroundings. However, the affluent business district of Brickell features sky scrapers of high-end residences and commercial spaces for those seeking a more luxurious way of life. Biscayne Bay borders the Morningside area of Miami with its echoes of modern day revivalism appealing to those moving to Miami who require housing in a more serene setting. These neighborhoods among many will offer anyone who chooses to move to Miami a living space that is conducive with your personal style and propensity.


  1. Cost of Living

It is easy to presume that the cost of living in Miami, Florida might be higher than desired with it being such a populous and robust coastal region. However, making a Boston to Miami move might prove to be more cost effective than you may think. The overall cost of living in Miami is actually lower than it is within the Boston area. To start, the median income for a single homeowner in 2019 is almost $24,000 lower in Miami than Boston. Do not let this figure scare you, because even though the income generated in Miami may not be as high as you are accustomed to in Boston – you have to remember that these figures are proportionate with the other costs of living in Miami. The median cost to purchase a home or rent an apartment is also lower making it possible to live quite affordably in this pulsating haven of sunshine. Of course, life tends to be expensive today throughout the nation. Therefore, without being obsessively frugal with your spending, you can be somewhat selective with your monthly expenditures from the location of your place of residence to the number of times that you dine out. Having an established budget and making a few economical decisions will ensure that you can live well within your means. Plus, the state of Florida does not have inheritance, estate or income taxes, which will increase your take-home pay. The cost of living might be an appealing reason for relocating to Miami.


  1. Job Market

Moving to Miami has its other benefits including its thriving job market. With Miami being a major cruise port for vacation travel, tourism is an integral source of commerce and employment featuring jobs that cater to water and air travel, as well as various occupations within the hospitality industry. In addition, serving the strategic interests of international trade ensures that various commercial positions are available by land and by sea. If you are relocating to Miami and starting a new profession – Miami is known to be a major financial hub with several small businesses and major conglomerates offering careers in the art world, real estate, architecture, the medical field, law, and so much more. Numerous global financial institutions are moving to Miami with some choosing to open up branches of their companies or establishing their company headquarters from inception, including commercial banks and large insurance carriers. Manufacturing and retail are also among the many industries that you will encounter when you move to Miami, which are all helping to maintain the continuity of growth and development within this bustling locale.


  1. Healthcare

If you are contemplating more personal reasons as motivation for relocating to Miami – healthcare might be one of the most enticing. Miami is in abundance of world renowned and highly qualified healthcare providers in every field of medical treatment. When you move to Miami, every specialized area of medicine will be made available to you, whether you need a regular physical examination, a surgical procedure, treatment for a serious condition or a chance to participate in a clinical trial. Moving from Boston to Miami and being a member of the Miami community means that you will be receiving the best treatment and care possible. Featuring locations all over the globe, Cleveland Clinic, a non-profit healthcare organization based in Cleveland, Ohio has extended its services to the state of Florida and has joined several other reputable and outstanding healthcare facilities and hospitals in Miami, such as Mount Sinai Medical Center and various children’s hospitals. The standard of care in Miami is only surpassed by its all-inclusive approach from the inside out. While healthcare begins within the core of your physical wellness – the glamorous side of Miami living promotes a healthier external way of life from fitness to nutrition.


  1. Public Transportation

Although driving your own vehicle is definitely an option when you move to Miami – you will discover several other viable public transportation options that will be equally acceptable in your daily travels throughout the city. In addition, choosing public transportation over driving will help to reduce your cost of living in Miami, but more importantly, it will help to reduce your carbon footprint in contribution to Miami’s continual effort to preserve the environment. When you move to Miami, you will find that there are a variety of paid and free transit services available contingent upon your pick-up and drop-off locations. The Metrobuses run 365 days per year throughout Miami-Dade County with several routes and even more buses to make sure that you will reach your destination. The Metrorail is a great way to travel 7 days a week, but a Miami tip that you may want to remember is that the Metrorail offers only one line with 22 stops running north and south in Miami. You may have to transfer to a different part of the Miami transit system if your final stop is not along the railway. The Metromover drives all over the downtown area and is free to anyone who wants to ride with connections to the Metrorail and or your desired Metrobus. Another free transit system that you will discover when you move to Miami is the City of Miami Trolley. The various trains, trolleys and buses within the public transit system will transport you anywhere you want to go in Miami.


  1. Culture

Your life after moving to Miami will be rich in culture from music and flavor to the arts with the attention-grabbing aesthetic of the Art Deco buildings along the beachfront, spectacular indoor and outdoor musical performances, an array of mouth-watering food festivals and restaurant cuisine, as well as your pick of the hottest Miami nightclubs. If you are looking for a great Miami tip for finding some of the best art in the city, stop by the Wynwood Walls. Ten years ago, the outside of the Wynwood warehouse buildings of Miami started as plain exterior walls, which were ultimately used as blank canvases for the most beautiful and expressive urban street art. This transformation formally called the Wynwood Walls showcases over 50 artists representing 16 countries around the globe with their inimitable displays of art that cover over 80,000 square feet of walls. Of course, you can’t go wrong with Art Basel, which is an annual contemporary art fair of epic proportions held in Miami Beach, Hong Kong, and Basel, designed to open the doors of success for thousands of contemporary artists. In addition, if you are a night owl, you will be in heaven with the nightclubs of Miami. You could be dancing literally all night long to all types of urban contemporary, hip hop or Cuban music. Not only will moving from Boston to Miami expose you to an entirely new realm of artistic expression, but also, the music will awaken your spirit and the Cuban flavors will tantalize your senses.


  1. Fashion

Another Miami tip when living in this southern coast fashion capital is simply this – when you look good, you will feel good. Among the other Fashion hubs around the globe sits Miami with its impactful celebration of high-end design and retail luxury. Glamour is one of the largest industries in Miami offering its consumers everything necessary to show off the latest fashion trends. If you have aspirations of becoming a fashion designer or model, look no further because you will have plenty of opportunities when you relocate to Miami. This exciting city is the ideal place to create your own fashion designs, while dressing your models to impress. In fact, some of the most prestigious modeling agencies have offices located right in the heart of Miami and if you are lucky, you might just encounter the occasional magazine photo shoot where you could be discovered. However, if modeling is not your dream and you just want to line your closets with the hottest styles, be prepared to attend the most remarkable shows during Funkshion Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and South Florida International Fashion Week.


  1. Beach Life

Miami does not have a shortage of varying daytime or nighttime activities for its residents and vacationing visitors. However, the most exciting aspects of coastal living that you will not want to miss when moving to Miami are the crystal white sands, endless sunshine, and the incredible surf at the beach. Whether you choose to relocate to Miami’s downtown area, the suburbs or the many neighborhoods and communities that hug the shoreline – any number of beaches will be within your reach by car, trolley, rail or bus and often within walking distance. You may decide that the best places to live in Miami are the surfside sectors offering ocean views beyond compare and beach access right from your own backyard.

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