Moving Blog #80 – Why Do You Hire Esquire Movers?

Why Do You Hire Esquire Movers

Early this week we had a great chance to hire outsiders to find out why our customers hire Esquire Movers. In this post, we will share with you all the honest feedback.

As you know that there are ample relocation moving companies that try their best to get your attention. However, we want to give you peace of mind that some companies are scammers and you need to avoid that carefully. One of our satisfied customers shared her opinion on why she ended up going with Esquire. First, we will share the positive parts and then the weaknesses of the company.

  • Movers at Esquire are efficient and well-trained in terms of wrapping and unwrapping the furniture.
  • Arrival time and customer service fully provided.
  • One slight concern is that movers do not take breaks during their move and that makes you feel bad about it.
  • Other than that nothing to add and share.

For your information, we do not have any constrict policy about not taking a break or anything. Our movers are dedicated to their job and that is why most of our employees prefer to work as their desire.

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