Moving Blog #56 – Don’t panic!

Moving home starts well before the actual moving day. You are looking for a company and packing your stuff little by little (pack things you don’t need for this season) while the date X is approaching. And here’s what usually happens last minute: you simply fill in your boxes with everything in sight.


You know, it’s like parking a car: when you park, you have to think “How should I get out after?”


I’m talking about the need to thing about the essentials you’d need in a new place. Our advice should help you feel more confident on the moving day. Have some boxes ready with:

  • stuff for each family member;
  • necessary things for your pet (make sure not to forget the pet ?);
  • body hygiene kit;
  • kitchenware (a couple of spoons, mugs, plates, etc.) Have you already got the wind of a good restaurant near your new place? It would be wise to do so;
  • cleaning products (don’t forget to pack usual and antiseptic wipes).


Label the boxes, ask kids to help as they would be excited to make notes or draw something. They would immediately answer questions like “Where is…?”.


Panicking? Our advice should help you feel no panic at all. Only a comfortable moving home.

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