Moving Blog #55 – You will appreciate our recommendations once in your new place

It is quite important to pack a couple of boxes with essentials while preparing for a move:


  • make sure you have a separate box for each family member. Pack several sets of clothes and underwear; think of shoes that you’d need. It would be perfect if each family member has their own suitcase so you would be able to easily spot it among the boxes.
  • get ready and label your boxes with personal care products (soap, towels, tooth brushes, etc.); cleaning products and rags (you will surely need those in the new place); kitchenware (minimum set of spoons and mugs, a kettle, one saucepan and a frying pan). You would need a bit later.


Now that you are all set, look at each other and smile, pour a glass of wine (oops, that’s another box ?) or a cup of flavored tea. It seems you found everything you need in no time.


We try to make your moving comfortable.

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