Moving Blog #53 – Professional of a moving company

 “It is not a mistake using the word “professional” assessing the occupation of a mover. There have been more than one moving home in my life, and now I can easily make a list of criteria describing a good mover, a person you’d be happy cooperate with on a moving day. What is my main focus?

  • neat, clean-cut appearance
  • soberness
  • politeness
  • punctuality

These things are the first ones that draw your attention. Once the criteria are met, you are able to start evaluating their professional strengths:

  • physical fitness
  • smoothness of movement
  • diligence
  • sense of responsibility

This is a heart-to-heart conversation with one of our clients who booked several moves with us and highly appreciated the work of the employees.

We are always happy to receive customer feedback as Esquire Moving is constantly working on a professional development of our employees. We strongly believe that IT IS AN HONOUR TO BE A MOVING COMPANY PROFESSIONAL!

Our professionalism is at your service

Movers make up the core of our company. Professionalism is the main trait of the job. Our employees:

  • care about other people’s property;
  • possess the skills of working with various types of freights (know the specifics of packaging, transferring, fastening, etc.);
  • know how to assemble and dissemble furniture (all necessary tools and additional equipment are always in the truck);
  • always dress neatly (uniform is a must);
  • maintain a polite attitude and always are sober;
  • begin work on the required date and work in sync proving fast and high-quality loading and unloading of your belongings.

Mover and shaker

A mover today is a strong, hardy and educated person who knows a lot about his business and is passionate about his job. The professional competence of a mover is centered not only on physical strength, but also on the application of basic mechanics of materials, and their professional engagement is not limited by lifting and carrying weights. Often, movers face situations when they need to dismantle and reassemble furniture or other home appliances. A professional mover can do almost everything. It’s a must for a professional to possess a driver’s license, as well as skills in working with various rigging equipment, when it comes to a long-distance transportation. As you can see, qualified movers are multidisciplinary specialists having their physical capabilities perfectly combined with an appropriate knowledge base.

Professionalism of our employees is what Esquire Moving stands on.

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