Moving Blog #51 – The evolution of the occupation

From the dawn of time there was the necessity of moving and transporting various objects. A mover is a very ancient profession. In the past, movers had to rely solely on their own physical capabilities, but this professional sphere has been constantly improving. For instance, the invention of crane and block systems made transporting work easier and more efficient. The question is how difficult it is to handle moving equipment. Hence, motivated and top requested movers continually need to bone up.

Time calls the shots: the concept of a “turnkey” moving means that the mover not only transports your belongings, but also takes care of disassembling and reassembling furniture, wiring up home appliances, etc. No need to mention that all the work is to be done at a high professional level. Personal qualities are also of great importance: communication skills, punctuality, politeness, neatness, the ability to learn, etc. The combination of personal skills with expertise in the field makes the profession of the mover matter in the modern world.

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