Moving Blog #31 – What are the questions you need to ask from moving companies?

Balancing your work and personal tasks getting complex for everyone. Also finding moving companies and asking them the right questions getting perplexing. No worries. You are not alone. We will go over with you and assist you with all the necessary steps. Because hiring first-time professional companies but not knowing anything it will hurt your financial pocket.

Here are the most common questions we would recommend asking your moving company.

  1. Rates, fees, and discounts

– Many moving companies do not mention about discounts as well as fees and rates. The reason is customers don’t ask about it and the company stays quite too. Therefore, asking about regular dates for the rates will help you to save some money. Fees and discounts. We love it but we don’t get it when we do not read our emails carefully. Many customers complained about hidden fees and you know the reason.

  1. Insurance and costs for broken items

– Please read carefully when you’re signing the contract before beginning your move. We know it’s a super tight time but reading and knowing what you signing for is the reason you are securing yourself from any obstacles. Pretty much all the moving companies have insurance and responsibility for any appearing circumstances but we do not know what are they. That is why ask this question prior to your move day.

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