Moving Blog #24 – How to wrap nightstands properly?

Today, we want to elaborate and show you how to wrap your own nightstands before you hire movers. Find moving blankets or furniture pads to avoid damages and scratches. Many people out there do not realize that wrapping is one of the reasons to keep your possessions clean and protected. So, fewer words and more about wrapping. So, we will need moving blankets, tapes, and your hand).

  1. Once you find blankets laydown them upside down like in the picture. The light blue color side up and the dark color is down.
  2. Slowly and securely lift the nightstand and put it right closer to the edge as you see on the picture.
  3. As you placed the nightstand closer to the edge, bring the other side of the blanket all over the stand. It’s like you are dragging the other side of the blanket and covering the entire nightstand. Ta-da friends.
  4. We are almost there. Patience, please. Once you did it. Now get the tape and just roll it around the nightstand. Feel free to be a spiderman or just a regular person. I believe this is the way how movers do. If you are looking for a way to save money here, go.
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