Is it necessary to buy insurance for my relocation?

Each client decides for himself whether to buy insurance. Generally, if you have expensive items, we recommend purchasing one. There are two options for property insurance.



Typically, this coverage option provides compensation of 60 cents per pound. It means that regardless of the type of item, you get equal coverage. This coverage option is primary. It works well if you don’t have expensive things. Because otherwise, the compensation will be negligible.



The second coverage option involves additional costs. It is $45 per $1000 of liability with $5000 minimum coverage and 40% depreciation.

It is also worth noting that our company will not reimburse the cost of damage if you packed your belongings by yourself since we do not know how they were packed. We will cover the cost of items packed by our movers.

There are also other coverage options. For example, it can be third-party insurance. This coverage option is not regulated by federal law. It is not basic. If you have valuable items and our company cannot cover their total value, you can always turn to a third-party company. This option incurs additional costs, but you will always be sure that your items are protected. We always recommend that our clients purchase additional insurance when transporting expensive items.

There is also a homeowner’s insurance policy. It usually covers the value of things when they are in your home. However, if the items are damaged, the payout will be small. We suggest you consult with your insurance company.

You have options on how best to protect your possessions. Some people have enough basic insurance, while others prefer to turn to a third party. Whichever option you choose, our company will do its best to ensure transportation is as safe as possible.

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