Packing is the most dreaded and often the most daunting task amidst the many items on your to-do list when planning for your move. It is difficult to know where to begin and what will be the most effective way to get the job done. Many people wonder what type of boxes should be used, whether to empty compartments and drawers or to keep everything contained, and what items can be packed together. Esquire has several expert Boston moving professionals who know how to make packing look effortless and like an art form.

You cannot pack without having the appropriate boxes to contain them. While you may be tempted to grab every free box that you can – this could be problematic, because you will most likely have several boxes of different sizes and quality. It is highly advisable to purchase uniform moving boxes that are designed with layers of durable protection to avoid breakage or collapse. If the boxes are the same in size and quality, they will stack more efficiently and safely maximizing the available space within the moving trucks. Another style of box that you might consider is a plastic moving crate. These are safe, strong, weather resistant, and ideal for your packing needs.


  • Sort your belongings

Moving is the perfect time to take inventory of everything that you have accumulated over the years. You will probably discover that there are many outdated items that you will not want to take with you to your new residence. Plus, you may have some things that are worn out or no longer functioning that should be discarded. There is no reason to pack items that you will simply have to throw away later. It is better to discard, donate, or sell anything that you do not want now to save yourself some time and money.


  • Separate metal from glass

When packing your boxes, you should never include metal items such as pots and pans in the same receptacle that your glassware and other precious breakable items are in. Mixing these types of contents will only result in unnecessary damage that could be avoided by simply separating.


  • Weight distribution is essential

Many people believe that putting heavy items in large boxes makes the most sense, but according to our skilled Boston movers – the opposite of this notion actually applies. It is much easier to carry a small box with heavy items such as books or other weighted objects without risk of physical injury. In addition, it will be easier to manipulate the boxes for lifting, loading, and stacking. The same applies to large boxes. Packing lighter items such as pillows in large boxes will make the boxes less awkward to handle.


  • Do not forget to use packing materials

Wrapping your belongings with packing materials will protect all of the contents inside of the boxes. Filling the spaces between each item will keep the contents stable to protect from collision and breakage. You can use packing peanuts to fill in the gaps for a secure box before closing and sealing. Also, do not overpack your boxes. A bulging and overstuffed box is a recipe for disaster, because the box could collapse while being carried causing damage to its contents or it might not be able to withstand the weight of other boxes that are stacked on top inside of the moving truck, which could also be harmful to your valuable possessions.


  • Catalog your contents

Keeping an inventory list of your personal belongings and household furnishings will make unpacking and settling in far more organized and stress free. Adding an adhesive label to each box with a list of its contents along with the intended room location in your new living space will make it easier to coordinate those contents with your inventory list.


  • Pack a box for essential items

You never know when you might need to access important insurance information, toiletries if this is a long-distance move, bed linens if you arrive at a late hour to your new residence or any other items that are essential during urgent moments. It is always good to pack a change of clothing and footwear, insurance and medical documentation, grooming items and toiletries, tools, bed linens and a fresh towel, as well as anything else that you may need immediate access to, especially during an emergency. Put all of these in a box labeled as “Essentials” to keep with you at all times.


  • Purchase plastic locking bags

Keeping track of small, easily misplaced items can be cumbersome, especially with hardware such as nuts, bolts, and screws for needed assembly. Put these small pieces inside of plastic locking bags and affix a label on the outside of the bag to indicate where the contents will be going at your new place. Pack all of these bags in one box to ensure that you will have no difficulty locating when you are ready to unpack.


  • Take several photographs

There are two primary reasons to take photographs. First, capturing an image of your belongings will help you with your inventory list. The second reason is for helping you to remember how wires or electronic cables are configured. There is nothing more arduous than trying to recall which wires go into the plugs of your electronic components. In addition, if you add a label to the ends of each cable and wire – this combined with the photos will make the setting-up process super simple and less stressful.

The Esquire team of professional Boston movers believe that these recommendations will not only make the packing process for your household more efficient, but also, you will unpack all of your belongings with much more ease and accessibility when you arrive at your new residence! Esquire wants you to start your new life in your new home with joy and excitement.

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