How Much to Tip Your Boston Movers

If you’re wondering how much to tip your Boston movers (or if you should tip at all), you’re in the right place. While most companies shy away from nuanced topics like this, we’re all about making moving easier. And part of that endeavor means making sure you have every bit of knowledge you need to feel confident and comfortable throughout the moving process. So, how much do you tip movers? Are you supposed to tip movers? That depends on a number of things…


First of all, tipping is a natural part of the moving industry and something your moving team will appreciate. So, you feel they’ve done a good job, a tip can be a wonderful way to show your thanks.


When it’s time to determine how much to tip, consider the following:

  • Difficulty: did your movers have to go up and down several flights of stairs or move bulky furniture?
  • Scope: how far did the movers travel and how many items were moved?
  • Quality: did the movers work with efficiency AND care?

Take those things into consideration, but never feel obligated to tip more than you can afford.

Setting Aside a Standard Tip for Movers

Let’s get right to the good stuff. The average tip for movers, otherwise known as the industry standard, would be 15% to 20% of the moving price. Of course, you can’t know how great your movers are until after the move has been completed, but one way to simplify the process is to set aside some cash as a tip before the move begins. Then, you can be prepared once you decide how much to tip your movers at the conclusion of the move.


Generally speaking, a 20% tip normally accompanies long distance moving jobs, and a 15-20% tip normally accompanies smaller jobs.


Due to the fact that the overall cost of the move will slide up or down based on the size and distance, the tip amount will adjust accordingly.


So, if you have a $500 move and your movers do a great job, your 20% tip would be $100 for the moving team.


If you have a $1,000 move and your movers do a great job, your 20% tip would be $200 for the moving team.


Remember, this is always up to your discretion and you should never tip more than you can afford. A tip is simply a way to show your appreciation for the care and effort the moving team shows throughout the process.

How to Calculate Your Tip

We’ve already discussed the industry standard rates for tipping your moving team. However, that amount shouldn’t be set in stone. As with any service, the tip should be determined by the performance of the moving team. And that includes a number of factors.


How much should you tip movers? A good approach is to start with the standard amount, then adjust both up and down based on the following…


Consider raising the tip if:

  • The movers provide a precise arrival time and show up on time.
  • The movers treat your belongings with care, causing no damage.
  • The movers ascend and descend flights of stairs during the move.
  • The movers complete the moving process faster than you expected.
  • The movers showcase a great work ethic.
  • The movers treat you, your family, and your neighbors with respect throughout the moving process.

Consider detracting from the tip if:

  • The moving company doesn’t communicate well, especially regarding the arrival window.
  • The movers show up late or seem disorganized.
  • The movers don’t seem to know the details of the move before getting started.
  • The movers use poor language or don’t appear eager to provide great service.
  • The movers are rude to anyone they come across, including neighbors.
  • The movers demand a tip.

Of course, how to tip movers is entirely up to you. But the above is a great guide in case you’d like some assistance with the tipping process.

The Tipping Process

You already have the movers tip amount down and how you plan to adjust that tip based on service. But how should you give the tip? We recommend splitting the tip evenly, then giving the tip on an individual basis. This gives you the chance to express your gratitude to each person if the service was outstanding. If there’s any sort of argument among the movers regarding how much tip each person should receive, please feel encouraged to get in touch with the moving company to express how you’d like to tip the moving team.

What Else to Provide for Your Movers

Separate from tip, a wonderful way to show your appreciation for your movers is by providing a few simple things to make their day easier or better. For starters, consider having a few bottles of water or sodas on hand to offer throughout the day. While beverages are appreciated, movers won’t be able to accept any alcohol, so keep the beer for yourself.

If the moving process is a long one, your moving team will certainly appreciate the ability to take a break for lunch. So, you can make it clear before lunchtime arrives that you’re more than happy for the moving team to take some time to eat their food. Please note that you are NOT expected to provide lunch.


Finally, reviews for the moving team are always appreciated. And a great way to thank your movers is by letting them know that you plan to leave a great review.

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