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Are you interested in living in a coastal town known for its large whale population and fishing industry? If yes, then Fairhaven Massachusetts is a great option for you. If you are looking to move from Boston to a quieter and smaller town, then let us know!

We are the largest moving and storage company in Massachusetts and the overall Fairhaven area. We can be your local Fairhaven movers if you just give us a call. For all of our interested customers, we provide a free consultation as well as a direct quote. If you prefer to do this online, you are in luck! We do offer this service on our website through an easy-to-use and submit form.

Cheap Fairhaven movers are not easy to find, so it is good that you have landed on our page! We have a lot to offer and know that the moving process can be tricky and exhausting. This is why we offer so many services in bundles and with discounts that include cleaning services, packing services, and overall long-distance moving services. If this does not capture your attention keep on reading to find out the various advantages, features, and storage services that may interest you.

Three Unique Advantages of Using movers in Fairhaven, MA


We are a modern company that is adaptable to the many changes that can occur. We understand that there are things out of our control that can happen at any moment which is why we try our best to adapt. When moving from Boston to Fairhaven, there's a lot that can go wrong. As long as you stay in contact with us, we can gladly help you during this process. Our expert managers and moving Specialists are there for you during every step of the process.


We also provide comforting services. This means that they are convenient and you won't have to do much. Leave the bulk of the moving, packing, and unloading to the movers. They know and want you to feel as comfortable as possible as you settle into your new home. That being said, it is good to also give advice and your own input. For instance, if you want to place a certain piece of furniture in an exact spot of your new home, let your local Fairhaven movers know and they will gladly make that change.

Expert Advice

Since all of our expert movers are highly trained and come with years of experience, they also give expert advice. From the moment you start contacting us, to the very end of the moving process you will hear expert advice and consultations. We know a lot about the moving game and are even involved in various National organizations to continue learning more.

Affordable Fairhaven Moving Company Services

As you start this moving process, don’t forget about us! We have various features that come with our moving services that would greatly benefit you. Esquire Moving cares a lot about their customers and wants to increase their engagement

  • Insured Drivers and Costs
  • Inexpensive Services
  • Full Packing Onsite and Same Day
  • Last Minute Overnight Storage
  • Reliable Navigation System

The Best Movers in Fairhaven with Storage Services

Storage services are where it’s all at. This is something that everyone wonders about because when moving to a new area, it is common to not have enough space for all of your old belongings. Until you can figure out what to do with your old and valuable belongings, you should place them in a storage facility.

We have plenty of facilities to choose from, as well as options. For instance, if you want something more long-term we do have Fairhaven storage facilities that are available to you for up to six months. In these units, you will choose a space that will fit all of your belongings. Usually, during the consultation and free estimate, you will plan this out with the expert moving technician. Our storage units are also equipped with temperature control and humidity regulations.

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Advantages of Moving to Fairhaven Massachusetts

The advantages of moving to Fairhaven are endless! This small town is located in Bristol County, Massachusetts. It is a historic city that has been around since the late 1600s. However, this is not the only impressive thing about the older town. Even though 300 to 400 years have passed, most of the buildings have the same or similar architecture and designs.

This harbor town has one shining building that is well known. This building is the local high school which was first built in 1906 and is well maintained. Thinking of moving here still? Don’t be afraid to call us, your local Fairhaven movers! We are happy to assist you and can help you create a well informed plan.

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