If you are moving to Dorchester, you will be interested to know that this mainstay of Boston is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. Dorchester has been home to a citadel of multiculturalism beginning with the prevalence of its deep-rooted families from Irish and Italian to Jewish and several other migrant Americans during the first half of the 1900’s. Many of these families lived within Dorchester’s signature triple-decker apartments. Quite often, the owners of these dwellings lived on one floor with relatives or other tenants living on the other two floors, which helped to keep monthly living expenses more affordable. However, those living in Dorchester began to notice that the inhabitants within the second half of the century began to shift with the ever-growing population of Asian, Caribbean, and African people moving to Dorchester, creating a melting pot of diversity. This ethnic divergence among the residents was only one fascinating facet of the neighborhood with a variety of historical facts that might surprise those moving to Dorchester. For instance, the James Blake House in Everett Square of Dorchester happens to be the oldest surviving home in Boston. Also, the Mather School, which was the first public elementary school in the US, was established in Dorchester as a one-room schoolhouse serving children of all ages simultaneously and continues to operate today as a more practical K-5 grade school. Lovers of chocolate would be amazed to know that the first arrival of chocolate in the US occurred in the Lower Mills section of Dorchester at the Walter Baker Chocolate Factory in 1765 – the first chocolate mill. Today, that building along with several others in the Lower Mills area, have been transformed into inviting living spaces for those moving to Dorchester with spots for commercial enterprises too. Another interesting tidbit is that Martin Luther King, Jr. pursued his PhD at Boston University, while living in Dorchester and his popular abode became a hub of civil rights discussions and activism during his stay. Today, anyone moving to Dorchester will enjoy the sundry blend of modern living with the classic elements of earlier eras, as well as its continual ethnic-friendly quality.

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The Esquire Moving reputation precedes us as the best Dorchester movers within the city of Boston. We are a full-service moving and storage enterprise with endless options to meet the needs of every type of customer moving to Dorchester at the most affordable rates available. During the free consultation that we will conduct with you as your chosen Dorchester moving company, we will ask all of the pertinent questions regarding your move. Your answers will help us to guide you through every aspect of moving to Dorchester from your system of organization to the move itself. As a leading moving company in Dorchester with the highest-rated reviews, we will help you to devise a comprehensive moving plan that will outline the entire event from start to finish beginning with how you will sort your current belongings for the packing process. While you have the option of packing your own possessions based upon your personal preference – why do the packing when your Dorchester movers can do the packing for you? We will pack and unpack as many items as you desire whether you only want a few things put in boxes or the entire contents of your residence from floor to ceiling. Whether our Dorchester movers do the work for you or if you choose to handle those details on your own, we highly recommend labeling each box with information that indicates which room the box will go to, as well as a list of the contents within the boxes. The number of Dorchester movers that you will need will be based upon the size of your load and the number of trucks that will be needed for your move. Don’t worry, because as your chosen Dorchester moving company, we will be here for you!


Whether you are moving to Dorchester or another neighborhood in Boston, relocating your home or business represents major change from new surroundings to new routines. As your Dorchester Movers, we recognize how these changes will affect you.

  • Home – We are confident that Esquire Moving is worthy of being selected as your Dorchester movers, because we have a full understanding of your special needs. As your moving company in Dorchester, MA, we know that your living space is the most sacred part of your existence. Although you may be moving to Dorchester from a local city or neighborhood here in the greater Boston area – the impact may still be significant to you and your family members. A compassionate Dorchester moving company is precisely what you need to help you make your transition smooth and effortless and we will be the Dorchester movers that you deserve with sensitivity and consideration as you build your new life after moving to Dorchester.
  • Business – The strength of a business lies entirely within your ability to function with the least amount of delays or disruptions. If you are a business owner and your company is moving to Dorchester, Esquire moving wants to help you make this move with the least hindrance upon your bottom line. As movers in Dorchester, MA, we know that moving to Dorchester needs to be cost effective and timely especially with the transfer of inventory, company equipment, and telecommunication systems. We will be the Dorchester movers that you need and we will exceed your expectations in every way to ensure that your company will operate at full capacity after moving to Dorchester.
  • Storage – Whether you are moving to Dorchester to establish a new residence or a new business, our Dorchester moving company can meet all of your storage needs. If you need overnight storage in our truck(s), because there is a delay moving to Dorchester on the scheduled moving day – your belongings will be locked and monitored on our lot through our top-of-the-line security system. If you need longer term storage after moving to Dorchester while you renovate your new home, we are a Dorchester moving company that can accommodate you within an immaculate and climate-controlled environment featuring a state-of-the-art digital surveillance system that will surpass the quality of our competing Dorchester.

We understand the significance of your move and as your Dorchester moving company – we will do our best to accommodate you!

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