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If you have had a job transfer or you will need to live closer to relatives and will require a residence that is slightly south of Boston but not as far as the south shore – moving to Dedham might be the ideal answer for you. You will be among many others to own a home if that is your preference according to our Dedham moving sources, because this little haven of suburbia is densely settled with deeply-rooted generations of families. With over 25,000 in population, this town is the model size for a more community-oriented atmosphere with neighbors who are actually acquainted with each other as opposed to the typical strangers that live next door to one another in today’s society. Even those moving to Dedham who will choose to rent apartments or will be tenants of sublet condominiums will find themselves within a more grounded and friendlier environment. Our Dedham movers have told us that getting around will be fairly easy with the variety of public transportation options available through the (MBTA) Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority from several conveniently located bus stops to easy access to the Commuter Rail stations. If commuting to Boston is how you will travel to work after moving to Dedham – the highway is close by or the train will take you right into the city. However, people moving to or near Dedham have been known to conduct all of their daily occupational and recreational functions right in town without any reason to leave the area. Some have referred to this region as a “hidden gem” because there is so much available to inhabitants as well as new residents moving to Dedham from an array of year-round activities to a job market that continues to maintain the prosperity of the town.


Even when the most organized person plans every aspect of moving to Dedham, down to the smallest detail – situations beyond anticipation can occur such as uncooperative pets, interruptions by well-intended friends and family or other unexpected delays. A professional moving company from or near Dedham will be able to adapt to surprising circumstances and act accordingly without panicking. Esquire is a leader in our industry and we are known by our previous customers for the unyielding patience, compassion, and improvisational skills that are sometimes warranted when moving to Dedham. Naturally, every customer would prefer to have a relocation that is smooth and free from problems, but as much as you and our Dedham movers would love to have that perfect experience, we also understand that it may not always be realistic. We feel that every obstacle can be overcome and that our ability to adjust our plan or approach is what will make the resolution more reachable. As your Dedham moving company, we are not just the individuals who will be transporting your possessions – we are the people who are in your corner and will be working with you as a team for the common goal. If you find out at the last minute that you will not be able to enter your new residence on the scheduled date, we can offer you our Dedham moving overnight storage services. We will load and lock the truck(s) as planned and then we will drive to the Esquire lot where we will keep your belongings until you can get into your new living space. With our 24-hour digital and live surveillance, your contents will be monitored and will remain secure at all times. Regardless of what happens – your Dedham movers will be there for you until the end.


The idea of moving to Dedham may seem more exciting than the actual process that consists of planning, organizing, and packing. However, our mission as the moving company from Dedham that will be helping you is to dispel some of your fears and reduce your stress, because we will have everything under control.

  • Heavy Furnishings – You may be wondering how you will be able to maneuver or lift some of your larger furniture components in preparation for moving to Dedham. This will not be an issue for you, because when Esquire agrees to become your Dedham moving company, our crew will do all of the heavy lifting for you. Our highly qualified staff has the necessary training to handle objects of significant weight in a safe and healthy manner to safeguard you from harm while moving to Dedham.
  • Delicate Artwork – While some of the other moving companies in or near Dedham might treat your artwork with the same care as your other possessions – Esquire knows how to care for these types of delicate pieces. Original paintings, sculptures, and other one-of-a-kind masterpieces will require special attention before moving to Dedham from the way each item is held to the materials used for protection. Our Dedham moving team will follow the appropriate guidelines for your irreplaceable artwork.
  • Furniture Dismantling – New furniture generally arrives in individual components, which makes delivery much easier. However, when you are moving to Dedham, you may be faced with some challenges trying to extract those oversized pieces from your current residence. Esquire’s Dedham movers are experienced with the disassembly of various furnishings and will have the tools to dismantle those elements on your big day and reassemble them upon arrival at your new location.

Esquire is the Dedham moving company that will tailor your relocation based upon your individual needs and contents!

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