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If you have heard of the famed Twin Cities, then you will already know that moving to Minneapolis, MN will be a favorable choice for you and your family members. The staff in the Esquire offices have been informed by our Boston to Minneapolis movers that this Midwest hub of financial growth combined with its sister city, St. Paul is home to a population of over 3 ½ million individuals. Needless to say, moving from Boston to Minneapolis will expose you to an endless pool of diversity from fiscal backgrounds and cultural traditions to ethnicity, lifestyle and more allowing people to be people freely without any explanation. The booming economy is due in part to an unprecedented low unemployment rate according to our Boston to Minneapolis moving sources, but also the job market is exploding in countless fields.

If you are moving to Minneapolis, MN to find a new occupation, you will have several Fortune 500 companies to choose from, but if you think that you would like to dip your toes into the entrepreneurial world – you will have an array of thriving examples to follow, enabling you to create something all of your own. If you are looking for a great bargain, you will have no difficulty after moving from Boston to Minneapolis, because there is a multitude of stores and shops in this region from charming little boutiques to retail conglomerates. Nightclubs, bars, pubs, cafés, and restaurants are in abundance and this will offer anyone moving from Boston to Minneapolis plenty to do on an evening out. Of course, our Minneapolis movers suggest that you may enjoy a few outdoor activities during the day with so many waterways, gardens, and parks throughout the city. In addition, the music and arts scene will keep you spellbound after moving from Boston to Minneapolis with the Minneapolis Institute of Art and other creative venues, as well as a myriad of live music hotspots.


Whether you are a single individual starting a new career, a student seeking a college degree or a family building a new life – Esquire is the Boston to Minneapolis moving company that can help you to achieve your dreams. We will find out all of the particulars first regarding your relocation starting with the size of the load that we will be transporting as your Boston to Minneapolis movers. Do not worry, because we will not expect our customers to know how to calculate that information. All that your Boston to Minneapolis moving team will need from you is the number of rooms within your current residence, which will include the garage, basement, and attic as well as the number of floors in the dwelling. These details will give us a strong point of reference in determining how many trucks and Minneapolis movers will be required. Plus, we will need to know if you will have any fragile or valuable items that will require special handling before moving from Boston to Minneapolis. After that, we will take the addresses of your departure and arrival locations along with any interim stops while moving to or near Minneapolis and our staff will figure out the mileage and required fuel for this long-distance trip. Packing will most likely be the biggest item on your list of things to do in preparation for moving from Boston to Minneapolis, which is the reason that we provide partial and full packing services. You may decide that you will need help packing only certain items or you may want our Boston to Minneapolis movers to pack it all from the floor to the ceiling. Either way, Esquire will be able to accommodate you and we will be happy to offer additional advice regarding the most ideal solutions for sorting and organizing your belongings before moving to Minneapolis, MN along with several other helpful tips.


At Esquire, we consider ourselves a chameleon of the industry, because we have the rare ability to mold our services into what our customers will need on a case-by-case basis.

  • Customizable – If you are an Esquire customer moving to or near Minneapolis, you will have a face and a name. Some of the other moving companies from Minneapolis, MN may treat their clientele as mere account numbers offering a blanket, one-size-fits-all type of service. However, our Boston to Minneapolis movers will customize your important event based upon all of your details, needs, and personal preferences. We will work with you as a team to achieve our mutual goal of moving from Boston to Minneapolis successfully.
  • Flexible – If something should occur unexpectedly during the process of moving from Boston to Minneapolis – we will not panic and neither should you. One of the reasons that we are revered so highly among other moving companies in or near Minneapolis is because we know how to function during less than conventional circumstances. Our extremely skilled Minneapolis movers are adept at improvising and have the willingness to think outside the box when unusual situations or extraordinary conditions arise.
  • Versatile – Beyond the scope of routine Boston to Minneapolis moving services – Esquire offers a variety of other options such as storage and staging solutions. For instance, if you are planning to sell your current home – our Boston to Minneapolis movers will work with your real estate agent to stage the space with a specific layout and key pieces that will make your home more marketable for an expeditious purchase. Also, while you wait for your sale to go through, we can provide you with short-term storage within our facilities before moving from Boston to Minneapolis to hold your other furnishings and personal possessions.

It does not matter if your living space is large or small or the long-distance journey moving to Minneapolis, MN is difficult or easy, because Esquire will not let you down!

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