At Esquire Moving, we are not going to let you assume all of the risk for moving from Boston to Burlington without making sure that you are covered. As a Boston to Burlington moving company with a stellar reputation – we are licensed and insured with building insurance for every city where we move our customers. In addition, as Burlington movers, we are qualified to handle sophisticated entry systems within buildings that may be more contemporary in style and structure.


If you are feeling too much stress when moving from Boston to Burlington, then we are not doing our jobs to the best of our ability. As your Boston to Burlington moving company, we want to make you feel comfortable with us, the handling of your valued belongings, and with the actual moving process. We want your experience while moving to Burlington, VT to be without worry and with peace of mind.


The time that you have available for moving to Burlington, VT may be very limited, especially if you have a demanding work schedule, a family that needs you or other equally important obligations. The Burlington movers who will be transporting your contents will do their best to keep the events of your moving day on track. When the plan has been established for moving from Boston to Burlington, we will schedule everything accordingly for the safe transport of your belongings.

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Many people who have entertained the idea of moving from Boston to Burlington have thought of this region as only a winter’s paradise for individuals who love to ski and snowboard. While those seasonal outdoor activities offer much excitement for anyone moving to Burlington, VT – there is so much more. Esquire Moving has a team of Boston to Burlington moving professionals who have shared some enlightening information about the area. For example, artists have been flocking with the goal of moving to Burlington, VT because of its reputation for being a paradigm of creativity.

After moving from Boston to Burlington, many are intrigued to find that the arts scene has been saturated with an array of cultural opportunities for those seeking a broadminded method of self-expression to a myriad of aficionados who just enjoy art. The Church Street Marketplace is a prime example of what will be awaiting your arrival after moving to Burlington, VT. This extraordinary downtown venue is an attraction that is distinguished by its pedestrian-mall infrastructure and is widely-coveted by inhabitants, touring visitors, and those who are moving from Boston to Burlington. The live performances, dining, and shopping complement the variety of community events held throughout the year with numerous inviting neighborhoods and professional opportunities to keep people moving to Burlington, VT.



Technology plays an important part of the service that most Boston to Burlington movers will provide to customers today. However, many of those companies rely upon that aspect of business solely without understanding the importance of the human connection between a Boston to Burlington moving company and its consumers. Esquire Moving interacts with our Boston to Burlington moving customers utilizing the best of both worlds. We know as Burlington movers that we cannot be paralyzed by antiquated methods that will leave us behind as the rest of the world forges ahead into a world of advanced automation. At the same time, we appreciate the value of our customers who are moving to Burlington, VT and we take pride in the personalized experience that we provide from the first contact to the completion of your move. For us, we believe that the ideal Boston to Burlington moving company should create a harmonious balance allowing us to give our Boston to Burlington moving customers an all-inclusive human effort while using the impressive tools of innovation. This will strengthen our bond with you, but also, it will make moving from Boston to Burlington more enjoyable.

Esquire Moving is the type of Boston to Burlington moving company

that works from the inside out. In other words, our core values begin with the way that we treat the people who we employ. The Burlington movers that will arrive at your home are not random individuals that we simply hired off of the street and they are not the average employees. Our team of Boston to Burlington moving professionals is part of something much bigger than themselves. They are people who we care about from their ability to generate an income to the safety practices that they observe while moving from Boston to Burlington. In other words, at Esquire Moving – we want our Burlington movers to be happy doing their jobs and to feel appreciated for the work that they perform. When they feel their best and are on top of their game as Burlington movers – they will be able to accommodate our customers in a more efficient manner. We feel, as a leading Boston to Burlington moving company that we can provide the ultimate service to you if we are lifting and inspiring the people who will be helping you to move to Burlington, VT.



With an ample number of Boston to Burlington moving tasks on your checklist and your focus upon the standard household furnishings that you will be moving to Burlington, VT – you may overlook or not give much thought to the relocation of the major appliances within your home. If you are a renter, this may not apply to you, but if you are a property owner, you will most likely want your Boston to Burlington moving company to handle the transfer of your major appliances. These items may include your stove, washer, dryer, refrigerator, stand-alone freezer or generator, with some or all of these items being needed for your new home after moving to Burlington, VT. As your chosen Burlington movers, Esquire Moving has the ability to move these items. However, before proceeding – our expert Boston to Burlington movers strongly recommend that you contact the appropriate plumbing and electrical professionals to disconnect some of these appliances such as your stove, washer, dryer or generator before moving from Boston to Burlington. Someone qualified at your current home must be responsible to prevent damage associated with disconnection as well as for reconnection in your new home after moving to Burlington, VT. In addition, you will need to completely empty your refrigerator and freezers of all contents prior to loading for proper weight distribution and safety.

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