As a leading Boston moving company that has transported items for residential, commercial, and academic consumers from all over the US – the staff members at Esquire have seen and handled it all. However, if there are any experts in the art of college moving – students have that skill mastered, because they must relocate at least twice annually. Many people do not realize just how often students have to pack up and ship out, whether it is at the beginning of the academic year or at the end. This can be very stressful especially if the student is leaving home for the first time to start his or her first year at college. It can be daunting trying to explore a new sense of independence, while trying to figure out what you cannot live without when packing up your belongings from home. However, those who are already attending undergrad or graduate school have become quite crafty at college moving. If this is something that is new to you, here are a few ideas that might make the process less stressful, simpler, and more cost effective:


  • Figure out your budget

Monetary concerns for college moving exist all over the nation, whether you are moving to Boston or another area of the US for your higher education. Financial resources will vary contingent upon your family’s economic background, college funding, and personal savings. Not every kid is set up with a college trust fund. Some must apply for a student loan or for financial aid. This makes budgeting even more crucial, because you may have a limited amount of money available to you for your college moving. Consequently, it is advisable that you set up a strict budget that will make sense for you fiscally and will keep you on track throughout the duration of your move.


  • Choose your method of college moving

Every student’s needs vary from the other and some will bring everything that they can squeeze into their vehicles or a moving van while others will take a more minimalist approach. This is the reason that it is important to decide what you can afford and what will be the most feasible mode of transportation to get your belongings to your dorm room or off-campus housing from home. You may choose to pack everything in your own car and/or your family’s vehicle, obtain a self-rented van/truck or secure a professional relocation service. It is best to figure this out as far in advance as possible, to make sure that there will be availability for your college moving if you plan to book a moving company to help you. With so many other students moving to college on the same day, Boston moving companies and other relocation services will be in great demand. Therefore, it will be beneficial to plan ahead.


  • Create a plan and timeline

When you have a clear idea of what is to transpire and have a schedule for the events leading up to and during your college moving day – this will not only make your life easier, but also, it will be helpful to any professionals that may be serving you. Do not wait until the last minute, because this could create time-consuming hassles and stress. Create a prioritized to-do list; find out about school regulations and requirements; learn about parking for moving vehicles; figure out the approximate distance between parking and the entryway, the number of floors, and whether there will be stairs or an elevator. This information will be valuable to you, but also, it will provide your hired professionals with the necessary details in advance to effectively assist you on college moving day.


  • Organize and declutter

Boston movers, especially the experienced professionals at Esquire will be the first to tell you that a strong system of organization when you are in the midst of college moving is paramount to a smooth and successful event. It is hard to imagine moving to college and living in a new location without all of your prized possessions with you. However, the reality is that most students will have very little space, usually with a roommate whether you are in a dorm, sorority/fraternity house or other forms of on and off-campus housing. Bring just a few personal items that will make your area feel comfortable, homey, and stylish, while meeting all of your specific needs during your college stay. Remember, moving to college is only temporary. Your most treasured items will still be at home waiting for you when school is over.


  • Do not pack your entire wardrobe

You may have room for only a small dresser and desk with limited closet space to store all of your clothing. Therefore, you will need to be extremely selective about the articles of clothing that you will want to take with you to school. Research the geographical area where your college is to find out about the typical weather conditions during the school year. You will want climate-appropriate clothing including outerwear with a nice balance between sporty, casual, dressy, and formal attire. Bring what you will need, but make sure that you will have plenty of clothing available at home during breaks. Also, hanging boxes are perfect for clothing that should not be folded if you plan to do all of your own packing. However, if you are hiring a professional, ask if they have hanging boxes available.


  • Rent a storage unit for the extras

If you find that there are items that you will absolutely need to have with you, but you will not have enough space to store in your college living space – try renting a small storage unit to safely contain the extra items. This unit might come in handy during breaks to hold certain belongings that you will need each year in college, but do not want to haul back and forth between home and school every year. Also, this might be a great solution for valuable items that you would prefer to keep concealed. Esquire offers a variety of storage solutions to our clientele, especially for students who are moving to college. We are known among the Boston movers in the area for our 24-hour monitored, secure, clean, and temperature-controlled storage spaces.


  • Pack early and move early

A college moving tip that Esquire’s staff recommends is to get your packing done as early as possible if you plan to do your own packing to free up your time for other important tasks on the big day. Also, it is widely known that college moving day can be quite congested and chaotic. If you have the option to access your dorm a day or two earlier than the standard day, this might give you an advantage. You will not have so many people around you or your hired movers. With less pandemonium while you are trying to navigate the campus and your new living space, you might have better parking options, which will ensure a more peaceful relocation.


  • Create labels and an inventory list

Another helpful college moving tip would be to create labels for all of your packed boxes indicating all of the contents within each with a coordinating inventory list. You may choose to be very specific about what is in each box on the labels or you might prefer a color-coded system breaking down everything in color-coordinated categories. Either way, you will be amazed at how much easier it will be to locate all of your possessions after unpacking. In addition, having this type of strategy will make the sorting, setting-up, and decorating process more enjoyable and less stressful.


  • Protect your belongings

Nothing is worse than discovering that one of your electronic components was cracked, your desk has been scratched or a chair leg was broken during transit. As one of the top Boston movers, Esquire is known for wrapping all furnishings with special relocation blankets and other appropriate materials to provide the ultimate in furniture protection. However, if you cannot afford to hire a professional and you plan to do all of your own college moving, then you should make certain that you protect everything that you can. If you have old blankets, bubble wrap or packing paper – thoroughly cover the surface areas of your furniture and appliances to shield from damage, especially anything that might be delicate or fragile.


  • Pack an essentials box

There are certain items that might be more valuable that you will want with you at all times, but also, there are other important items that should be easily accessed in case of an emergency. If these items are packed away with the rest of your belongings, you may have difficulty finding essentials when needed. Your essentials box should travel with you and should contain medications, emergency health and insurance documentation, a change of clothing, first aid products, toiletries, and other grooming items. College moving day can be hectic and you might not be able to access everything that you will need right away. Sleepwear and bedding for the night should be in your essentials box, along with a nice outfit in case of an immediate event, uniforms for sporting events, and a backpack.


  • Determine if small appliances are permitted

A handy packing and college moving tip would be to figure out what you will be allowed to have in your dorm room. Your school may have specific rules regarding the types of small appliances that you can or cannot bring with you such as a microwave or small refrigerator. Also, check to see what may already be there, because some schools may provide those items. If you need to bring your own – look at your budget and determine what would be more cost effective, taking from home or buying new when you arrive. Remember that you will eventually be taking these items back home when school is over, so if you have it at home already, it might not make much sense to purchase again.


  • Work with your roommate

You might be feeling a little uncomfortable or even nervous about the idea of moving in with someone who you do not know personally and having that individual as your roommate. This is a normal fear that many students have felt over the years upon moving to college. However, if you are willing to be kind, open-minded, and embrace the idea of a community atmosphere – this will go a long way toward having a harmonious atmosphere. In addition, if you work together as roommates who are both trying to pilot the entire college moving experience – you could create a cohesive environment that maximizes the space that you both have available to you in your dorm room, while establishing a lasting friendship.


  • Remember to remain calm

Whether you are moving to Boston or another region to attend college – this process will not be perfect. Do not worry if the parking situation is not ideal due to elevated traffic or if it is difficult to maneuver through the building like so many others. Unexpected and challenging situations will most likely arise, but if you can maintain a steady level of patience, be flexible, and try to have a positive attitude – this mindset will help to make the occasional bumpy moments less stressful. Remember, you will be in the same boat as most of the other students arriving. Knowing that you are not alone and that all of you will be facing many of the same challenges during college moving day will make it easier to have compassion for another.

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