Best Places to Live in Tampa

Esquire’s Picks: Top Neighborhoods to Settle in Tampa.

Unveiling Tampa’s Top Residential Neighborhoods: A Guide to the City’s Best Living Spots

The beautiful sunny state of Florida! There isn’t a place that could beat all of the things that Florida can provide when it comes to making your dreams come true. Tampa is one of Florida’s most affordable living options compared to all of the other surrounding cities. It has quick access to the beach, many beautiful restaurants, shops, galleries and everything that you may need when either visiting or deciding to move. Tampa is a great area for whichever you decide. Many families and young professionals love to move here because if you want to stay in a place that may be a little quieter or if you decide that you want to be in an area where you have more things to do on a weekend, then Tampa is just the area you need. With Tampa’s amazing mixture of both it has been the perfect area for both families and young professionals.

Best Places to Live in Tampa for Families

Best Places to Live in Tampa for Families

For families wanting to move to Tampa, some of the best neighborhoods to live in would be, Hyde Park, Lutz, Palma Ceia, Seminole Heights and Tampa Palms.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the most affordable and safe neighborhood with the housing prices starting at $254,353 and is 82% safer than most Florida neighborhoods. Tampa is just a quick 10 minutes from downtown Tampa so the commute to many of the events that you may want to attend is quite short. The community is extremely active with many family-friendly events to attend to as well. The Historic Hyde Park Association brings many activities for not only the children to attend but for people of all ages. If you were looking for something for your children to attend afterschool or during their summer break they offer Club J and Club J summer camp. The Tampa school system is great as well with one of the nearby schools being Gorrie Elementary School. During a weekend you could even take the family to see one of the most empowering plays centered around the voices of women and girls at the Powerstories Theatre.


Pros of Hyde Park:
  • Great school system
  • Close to downtown
  • Educational events
  • Events for all age groups
  • Family-friendly area
  • Affordable homes


Cons of Hyde Park:
  • Busy streets
  • Traffic
  • Noisy


Lutz is slightly north of the Main Tampa metro area and has a close-knit vibe of a small-town.The homes are extremely affordable being at, 237,500 and 58% safer than most neighborhoods. Although it may feel as though it is a small town, Lutz is near the big city life as well. It is a great place for families who love the outdoors. Lutz also has incredible schools as well, Lutz Elementary School being one of them. Families know that they are getting the top-notch education when they take their children to school. Parents are also able to enroll their children into football or cheer between the ages of 5-14 at the Lutz Chiefs Youth Football and Cheer Center. If they aren’t into sports they can also be a part of the arts and crafts, music or dancing. Either way, Lutz is a great area for parents to raise their children.


Pros of Lutz:
  • Great school system
  • Affordable homes
  • Close to the city
  • Small town
  • Quiet
  • Lots of things for kids and adults to do


Cons of Lutz:
  • May have to travel some for nightlife
  • Not as safe
  • Busy area for children
  • Traffic

Palma Ceia

Palma Ceia is the safest place for families to live when deciding to move to the Tampa area. They are known for their Neo-Colonial & Mediterranean homes that are affordable, starting at $409,775. Living in the Palma Ceia area you will discover amazing waterfront views as well because it is southeast from Hillsborough Bay. The most notable feature in the Palma Ceia area is their golf course! Palma Ceia Golf & Country Club is one of the oldest private golf clubs in Tampa. While you are getting excited about your golfing experience here in Palma Ceia, kids can appreciate art at Susan’s Guts Phoenix Studio. Palma Ceia is a more popular place to live in Tampa with so many different historical museums, art and just different attractions that the city has to offer.


Pros of Palma Ceia:
  • Great views
  • Most popular amongst families
  • Lots of things to do
  • Affordable homes
  • Safe area


Cons of Palma Ceia:
  • Busy area
  • Noisy
  • Traffic

Tampa Palms

Tampa Palms is located near the Hillsborough River which is known to be called “your small town by the river”. This is a place that is ideal for families looking for more of a laid-back community. The only flaw that Tampa Palms has is that every home belongs to the HOA but the homes are pretty affordable as well, starting at $254,647 and they are 91% safer than most neighborhoods in the area. Tampa Palms is also boarded by one of the largest parks and nature preserves called the Cypress Creek Nature Preserve. Kida can enjoy many things in Tampa Palms, one of them being Tampa Summer Camps and Afterschool Care.


Pros of Tampa Palms:
  • Great area for families
  • Affordable
  • Large parks
  • Things to do for children
  • Afterschool Care


Cons of Tampa Palms:
  • Traffic
  • Far from the city
  • Not a lot to do for adults
  • HOA
Best Places to Live in Tampa for Singles

Best Neighborhoods in Tampa for Singles & Young Professionals

Tampa isn’t ideal for just familes, it also caters to the young professionals of the world as well. Tampa has some of the best neighborhoods when young adults are looking for a place to live that is affordable and where they can also have some fun as well. Some of the best neighborhoods for young adults are Channel District, Davis Islands, Downtown, Harbour Island and North Hyde Park.

Channel District

Channel District is an urban area and active place more suited for young adults to live. It is located near some of the city’s best bars and restaurants. Channel District also has waterfront access and some outdoor recreation as well when you need a moment to relax and gain some peace after a long assignment is due or a long work week. This is an area that is extremely walkable and also you can commute to your favorite spots as well with it being five minutes from downtown tampa. Channel District has some affordable homes as well starting at $288,175 but it is only 36% safer than most of the Tampa neighborhoods. Regardless, they have some of the best events that you are able to attend being so close to the downtown area, such as the Jazz on the Lawn at Maven Market or date night at the upscale Italian restaurants.


Pros of Channel District:
  • Close to downtown
  • Affordable
  • Many things to do
  • Commute simple
  • Waterfront


Cons of Channel District:
  • Busy area
  • Traffic
  • Not as safe

Davis Islands

Davis Islands is considered the “Florida version of the Great Gatsby”. This is a very energetic, upscale place for singles. It has quick access to the downtown area via Davis Blvd.

Davis Islands also has a variety of job options by major institutions. The homes in Davis Islands are somewhat affordable with the price ranging to $503,200 and it is 50% safer than most neighborhoods. If you’re wanting to take a relaxing moment to yourself, you can take that moment by visiting Davis Island Beach as well.


Pros of Davis Islands:
  • Close to downtown
  • Beach nearby
  • Job options
  • Safe
  • Nice area for singles


Cons of Davis Islands:
  • Not as affordable
  • Traffic


Downtown is in the heart of the city job market which is close to major Tampa employers such as Mosaic and Fortune 500. It is one of Downtown’s most popular places to live because it is close to a variety of bars, shops and dining options. Downtown is a very affordable place with housing starting at $122,140 and is known not to be safe at all. Downtown is mostly with condos and modern apartments. It is along the Tampa Riverwalk. With it being directly in the city there are a lot of things for you to do and places for you to attend. They have a collection of fine art with exhibits like Verde: Poetics of Shade.


Pros of Downtown:
  • Great job market area
  • Affordable houses
  • Modern homes
  • Beautiful art


Cons of Downtown:
  • Not a safe area to be in
  • Traffic
  • Noisy

Harbour Island

Harbour Island is surrounded by Tampa Bay across from the Garrison Channel. It is a coastal community with airy apartments. Although it is slightly removed from the rest of the city, the roadways like Beneficial Dr. and S. Harbour Island Blvd connect the island to downtown.


Pros of Harbour Island:
  • Roads to lead to the downtown
  • Lots of dining and bars
  • Airy apartments


Cons of Harbour Island:
  • Removed from the city
  • Isolated

North Hyde Park

North Hyde Park is one of the best neighborhoods in Tampa and their houses are affordable with it being at $254,353 and is 66% safer than most neighborhoods. The area is roughly pretty quiet and the suburban lifestyle within the city. Downtown Tampa is also only 7 minutes away from the neighborhood as well. North Hyde is a great place to move for commuting, most students and staff love this neighborhood because of how close it is to the University of Tampa being as though it is 5 minutes away.


Pros of North Hyde Park:
  • Close to University
  • Affordable homes
  • Safe
  • Suburban
  • Quiet


Cons of North Hyde Park:
  • Not a lot to do in the area
  • Traffic
  • Busy streets

Despite the many places where it may be a little more expensive or the fact that there aren’t a lot of places for you to go in some neighborhoods, Tampa is by far a beautiful place to be that has a diverse set of neighborhoods for you to choose from no matter id it is to raise a family or for your single life. Allow Esquire movers to help you make the transition easier!

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