Best Places to Live in Miami

Esquire’s Picks: Top Neighborhoods to Settle in Miami.

Unveiling Miami’s Top Residential Neighborhoods: A Guide to the City’s Best Living Spots

Good ole Miami! Did you know that the city was founded by a woman?! So of course, it’s going to be a great time! There are so many people who visit Miami for vacation as a getaway or to have a wonderful time that can’t be shared amongst people who didn’t come. Miami is in fact the hottest city in Florida. But Miami is just known for its nightlife, or great restaurants but they are also known to be the lowest cost for healthcare which is lower than the national average. That’s not all, they are also known for not having any state tax which makes this a much more amazing place to live. Many families, especially young adults, make this their first move when adding Florida to their list of places to live. Besides the hurricanes that can come along, Miami is a wonderful place to raise your children or even move as a young professional.

For families, there are a ton of places you could live but the top 5 areas on the list of Miami are Coconut Grove, Weston, Parkland, Brickell and Pinecrest.

Best Places to Live in Miami for Families

Best Places to Live in Miami for Families

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Miami but the most popular area due to it being in the heart of the city. Coconut Grove is just South of the Brickell and the Roads which are East of the Coral Gables. It is one of Miami’s most safest neighborhoods with police surveillance 24/7. Which is why you will see a lot of people walking alongside the streets or riding their bikes to get to the different attractions. With the neighborhood being appealing to families, it has been a kid friendly environment which makes it a great area for families. Coconut Grove has a Bohemian vibe to the area as well, which is different from what you will see in Miami. It is also known to have the best private schools such as Carrollton and Ransom but the housing can be extremely expensive. Most of the houses in Coconut Grove range from $93,000 to $19 million! But it makes up for the extremely steep prices by having so many activities for children to do such as the Silly Monkeys Playhouse or taking your kids to art and music classes. Coconut Grove is definitely a wonderful investment for families.


Pros of Coconut Grove:
  • Wonderful school area
  • Safe neighborhood
  • Lots of attractions to do around town
  • Great school systems


Cons of Coconut Grove:
  • Very expensive housing
  • Busy area
  • Noisy
  • Older houses as well


Weston was ranked CNN’s best place to live in America with the lowest crime rates in the Miami area as well. It is a very family-minded community that makes sure that everything is built towards family living. Weston’s area has 14 parks for families to explore as well as the Exotic Wildfire Exhibit. We can’t forget about the parents either, the West town Center has many shopping and dining options for the family when you just don’t want to cook. Also, while the children are to see the different museums or head to the park you can also have the option of relaxing at the Bella Vita Mediterranean Spa. Weston has great attractions around the neighborhood but like most of the area the housing market is pretty high. Houses in Weston are ranging from $100,000 to millions!


Pros of Weston:
  • Beautiful Homes
  • 14 park plus for families to attend
  • Things for parents to do as well
  • Ranked best place to live
  • Low crime rates


Cons of Weston:
  • High market value
  • Tourists spot
  • Busy area


Although Parkland is located a little further away from Miami, approximately 45 minutes it is a nice area for families to raise their children. Parkland is more on the quiet, calmer side of things but there are many schools to choose from but one highschool that serves all of Parkland which is the Malory Stoneman Douglas High school. Parkland is a smaller town and known for their zoning laws. It is located in Broward county and is mostly residential, the great thing about Parkland is that their homes are affordable being $625,000. Parkland doesn’t have many attractions for children or for adults but it is a wonderful area for families to raise their children.


Pros of Parkland:
  • Great area for families
  • Affordable homes
  • Many schools to choose from
  • Quiet


Cons of Parkland:
  • Far from Downtown
  • Commuting is hectic
  • Not too many things to do


Brickell is an urban neighborhood located in downtown Miami, south of the Historic Central Business District. Brickell is one of the fast growing and most dense neighborhoods and most of the residents rent their homes out. There are many family friendly interactions such as the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. Since Brickell is located in the middle of downtown Miami, there are many attractions that families can attend. There are many schools as well that are great such as one being Southside Elementary School. Brickell is a beautiful place to be if you’re wanting to have the best of both worlds by being in the city as well as being in a place that is constantly growing.


Pros of Brickell:
  • Fast growing area
  • Urban area
  • Great schools
  • Many attractions
  • Family friendly area


Cons of Brickell:
  • Noisy
  • Mostly renting homes
  • Traffic


Pinecrest is one of Miami’s more suburban neighborhoods with a population of 19,000. Due to the neighborhood covering about eight square miles of land their homes can be a little pricey when trying to purchase the right home for you. Most Pinecrest homes start at 1,300,000! There is so much history that lies in the streets of Pinecrest, with so much beautiful scenery to look at, it’s worth every penny! Pincecrest was first founded as a staging area during construction of the Overseas highway which connects the Mainland to the Florida Keys. It is extremely popular for tennis and their amazing schools. Most of their homes are also custom built by the owners!


Pros of Pinecrest:
  • Beautiful homes
  • Spacious
  • Quiet area
  • Small town


Cons of Pinecrest:
  • Not a lot of things to do
  • Expensive housing
  • Busy commute
best neighborhoods in Miami for singles and young professionals

Best Neighborhoods in Miami for Singles & Young Professionals

For most of the young professionals that decide that they want to move here to get the Florida experience, they will also be happy with the neighborhoods that are meant just for them. With so many things to do in this Miami city, young adults do not want to miss out on all of the opportunities that will come their way. The best neighborhoods that are for young adults are, Brickell, Coconut Grove, Downtown Miami, Little Havana and Wynwood.


Brirckell is also known to be a great neighborhood for families as well. Being located in Downtown Miami, young adults can find multitude of attractions and events to attend to. Review the many things that Brickell has to offer by referring back to the neighborhoods suited for families.

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is another that is also a great area for families as well. Although it is one of Miami’s oldest neighborhoods, it resides in the heart of the city which makes this area fantastic for young professionals to live. Refer to the best neighborhoods for families to find out more about Coconut Grove.

Downtown Miami

A place where everything would want to be because it is the place to be, Downtown Miami has so much to offer from events, restaurants, date night attractions and so much more. Downtown Miami doesn’t just have the fun you are looking for but they also have a high concentration of jobs as well. Most of the job seekers and entrepreneurs live in this area due to the close proximity of networking. Known for their vibrant nightlife, Downtown Miami is not a place where you have to look for anything to do when wanting to whine down for a weekend after long hours. Not only does Downtown have the best places surrounding the neighborhood but their homes are affordable as well, with them starting at 273,208. You’ll find many of your neighbors enjoying their city at a restaurant, bar or even an interactive exhibit dedicated to learning about their Miami history. Downtown Miami is a beautiful place to live and there isn’t anything else like it.


Pros of Downtown Miami:
  • Affordable homes
  • Nearby many attractions
  • Job opportunities
  • Great nightlife


Cons of Downtown Miami:
  • Traffic
  • Noisy
  • Not a safe area
  • Busy area

Little Havana

Little Havana is a great area to be with so many cultural roots attached to the city. This is a city for the Hispanic and Latin-American culture which makes the neighborhood extremely vibrant and fun. The homes in this area are extremely affordable, with it starting at 116,936 and the area is 50% safer than any other neighborhood in Miami. Little Havana borders Downtown Miami so there are lots of things to do. The events in the courtyard have an art gallery showing at El Fresco, which many people don’t even know exists so that is a hidden gem in this city. Being a Hispanic & Latin-American area, the food is authentic and has some of the best dishes.


Pros of Little Havana:
  • In the city
  • Great cultural experiences
  • Authentic food
  • Lots of things to do
  • Affordable homes


Cons of Little Havana:
  • Busy area
  • Traffic
  • Not as diverse


This is Miami’s arts district. Wynwood is the home of many art galleries and museums with more than 70 of them all around the city. This area is highly affordable with the homes being at 156,805 and in close proximity to downtown. It also surrounds the highway, making commuting to work a lot easier as well.


Pros of Wynwood:
  • Lots of Museums
  • Close to the city
  • Close to the highway
  • Affordable homes
  • Artsy


Cons of Wynwood:
  • Traffic
  • Noisy
  • Not that many things to do
  • Not as diverse

Miami is a hotspot for not just families but young professionals as well. It has become on of America’s most growing cities and continues to grow with so many more attractions coming as well. Miami is known to be the city party but it can also be home for families who want a little more quiet, as well as many young adults who may want the same. Regardless of who you are, if you’re thinking about moving make sure you use Esquire Moving Company. Esquire can accommodate all of your needs to make sure that all of your furniture and every piece of what makes a home a home is brought safely to your new door. Call Esquire today for all of your moving needs!

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