Best Places to Live in Boston

Esquire’s Picks: Top Neighborhoods to Settle in Boston.

Unveiling Boston’s Top Residential Neighborhoods: A Guide to the City’s Best Living Spots

When we are looking for a new home whether it be for ourselves or for our family we want a place where it is diverse, a place where we are able to really enjoy every part of the city. Boston has just that for us! Boston is the perfect place for us to relax, to explore and meet new people from all different cultures. Boston isn’t just about the activities you can do but their healthcare is amazing, so many people travel to Boston because their healthcare is known to be top rated in the states! Not only is Boston top of its name in the healthcare world but when it comes to the different seasons, this city will give you all four! Boston has such a wide range of activities to do that doesn’t always require you to drive. They are exceptional in making the city full of fun and laughter for the whole family to enjoy. The most known place is The Common, which is the start of the Freedom Trail where you learn the history of Boston in its tour of the 16 historical sites. Boston is an amazing place for so many families or young adults to travel and see but it is also a fantastic place to live as well.

For families who are looking to live in Boston and venture into so much history and events these are the top 5 neighborhoods that are known to be the best neighborhoods for families: Charlestown, East Boston, Hyde Park, Roslindale & West Roxbury. Each of these neighborhoods have great school systems, parks and so many different events that will not only keep the children busy but you as well.

Best Places to Live in Boston for Families

Best Places to Live in Boston for Families


Charlestown is the perfect place to find your family home. With the best schools, parks and events you are sure to find things that will work for your schedule and your children’s. Charlestown is just north of downtown Boston and also near the Charles River, also where the name Charlestown derived from. It has the best top notch schools for your children to attend whether they are attending elementary school or high school. Afterschool, they can learn their history of Boston and learn the different historical buildings that they will walk past everyday. With the kid friendly park and Boston Museums, your children will not only love their school but they will enjoy being around so many different parks and museums where they can learn all things. Unlike most places that are the center of so many attractions, Charlestown housing is actually pretty affordable. Most of their housing ranges to $426,124 and is 63% safer than most of the neighborhoods in the Boston area. Charlestown is the perfect place for families and a spot that should definitely be on your list to live.


Pros of Charlestown:
  • Affordable housing
  • Top notch schools
  • Historical events
  • Kid-friendly parks
  • Low crime


Cons of Charlestown:
  • Divided into 3 sections based on income
  • Too close to the airport
  • Traffic

East Boston

East Boston is the top rated neighborhood for not only family but for young professionals as well. This neighborhood has a mixture of people but the area is still a beautiful place to be. East Boston is one of the safest neighborhoods in Boston, with a 69% rating for being the safest in the Boston area. They also have so many affordable homes as well, with the value being $279,989. East Boston is the area for the main attractions with their Memorial Park where there is a huge playground, sporting fields, beaches that they kids and you can enjoy. There is even a wildlife attraction for the children to enjoy where they can discover all types of animals and plants, which can give them something to look forward to on the weekends. East Boston is made up of some of the coolest outdoor activities to get the children tired and so that you are able to enjoy the rest of your night as well. With easy transportation and in close proximity to the Massachusetts Bay, East Boston is the perfect home for families to relax and enjoy all of the things Boston has to offer.


Pros of East Boston:
  • Family-Friendly
  • Easy Transportation
  • Lots to do with kids
  • Safe area to be in


Cons of East Boston:
  • High risk of severe storms
  • No middle school
  • Lower house ownership

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of Boston’s quieter neighborhoods, it is known to be the best neighborhood for families. Hyde Park has affordable homes that value at $324,484 and it is said to be 50% safer than any other neighborhood in Boston. If you want to commute to work, it is the best option to live in because it is a part of Boston’s Commuter Rail. You are able to travel safely without the hassle of being in the traffic to get to work. Children also have a piece of the cake by attending great schools in the area, such as Boston Renaissance Charter Public School and the New Mission High School. There are many parks that the children can attend after school or even on the weekend when you want a little break. Also, there are multiple educational events where they are not just having fun but learning as well. Hyde Park is an area that may not have much to do but it is mainly for families that have busy schedules and would rather be home than be out on the town.


Pros of Hyde Park:
  • Quiet/Calm Area
  • Easy Commute
  • Best area for families
  • Great schools


Cons of Hyde Park:
  • Not much to do at night
  • Not recommended for young families


Roslindale is neighbors to Hyde Park so this is another great area to raise your children. They have a lot of affordable homes available that value at $293,614 and are deemed 81% safer than the neighborhoods in Boston! Their homes are known to be a lot more spacious than most homes which is a plus for a lot of families that do not want to feel as though they are living on top of another. Like Hyde Park, they do not have a lot to do when it comes to different activities for adults who want a night out but they do offer summer camp for children at the Allandale Farm. The children will also attend great schools in this area as well, such as Phineas Bates Elementary School and Sacred Heart. Jobs are also extremely prevalent in this area due to the Urban Main Street program bringing in many local business and community events. Roslindale is a wonderful option for many families who need to find work, want a house that is spacious but yet affordable and want their children to attend wonderful schools. Roslindale gives you everything you need when finding the perfect match for your family.


Pros of Roslindale:
  • Great school systems
  • Summer camps for kids
  • Job opportunities
  • Affordable housing
  • Spacious houses


Cons of Roslindale:
  • A little further to travel
  • Not too many things to do for adults
  • Busy area

West Roxbury

We have run into some pretty safe neighborhoods in the Boston area but nothing is more safe than West Roxbury, with a 94% rating on being the safest neighborhood in Boston. They have many affordable homes, townhouses, condos and more for the value starting at $407,058. West Roxbury could definitely be a families dream home when comparing it to the other neighborhoods in the Boston area. They are supported by some of the top rated schools like the Williams Ohrenberger School & Joyce Kilmer Upper. West Roxbury also has many events that the children can attend such as creator clubs or cooking with Miss Debbie at the West Roxbury Branch. It is known for a multitude of restaurants that not only catered to the American culture but have many different foods to choose from. It makes eating out a lot better than cooking dishes at home, especially after a long day! Allow West Roxbury to be the place that you reside by giving your family the things it needs to feel at home!


Pros of West Roxbury:
  • Safest neighborhood
  • Luxury homes
  • Affordable homes
  • Great events for kids
  • Different restaurants


Cons of West Roxbury:
  • Not too many things to do
  • Not as close to downtown
  • Only two main grocery stores
Best Neighborhoods in Boston for Singles and Young Professionals

Best Neighborhoods in Boston for Singles & Young Professionals

It gets better as you travel through Boston because not only do they have amazing places for you to stay for families but when you are a young professional the neighborhoods are just as amazing. Some of the top areas to stay if you are a young adult moving to Boston would be Allston-Brighton, Back Bay-Beacon Hill, East Boston (also great for families), Jamaica Plain and South Boston. There you will find most of the areas to be filled with amazing activities and cultural events to attend.


This is a wonderful area for young professionals who are wanting to continue their education. Allston- Brighton has such a diverse community with affordable homes that are valued at $306,048. Most of the residents in Allston-Brighton live in Lower Allston for more of a quieter area but if you are looking to have a great time during the day or not then this is the perfect option for you. It is also the safest neighborhood in Boston, rating at 88% safer than most of Boston. Many residents walk to their local grocery stores, events or Farmers Market due to it being so close in proximity to Allston- Brighton. There are many restaurants, art events and museums you can attend to as well, such as the McMullen Museum of Art. Although it differs from which area you decide to live in, Allston-Brighton is a great area for young professionals who still want to stay on track with obtaining their careers.


Pros of Allston-Brighton:
  • Diverse area
  • Affordable housing
  • Safer neighborhood
  • Lots of creative artists


Cons of Allston-Brighton:
  • Can become noisy
  • Busy streets
  • Traffic

Back Bay-Beacon Hill

Back Bay-Beacon Hill is the best place to purchase your home with many shops, attractions and events nearby it has become the home of young professionals. Housing in this area can be a little pricey, ranging from $776,224 and up but the place is worth it. With it being a little more upscale than most of the neighborhoods in Boston it includes some of the most wonderful attractions including the Museum of African American History which is the largest Museum in Boston. It is also known to be the first public Botanical Garden in America. Back Bay-Beacon Hill is a wonderful historical area as well, with so much history on the streets and vintage shops that lie on Charles Street, this is the perfect spot for young professionals. So many different shops to choose from, a young adult would have a blast being in the Boston Commons where they can find multiple upscale boutiques on Newbury Street. It is an area where the nightlife is extremely elegant when you’re at No.9 Park or any of the other hot spots in the city. Although this area can be a little pricey, it is definitely worth it for everything you are gaining as well.


Pros of Back Bay-Beacon Hill:
  • Great spot for Millennials
  • Lots of things to do
  • Never a dull moment
  • Historic museums


Cons of Back Bay-Beacon Hill:
  • Busy
  • Pricey Homes
  • Noisy
  • Higher crime rate

East Boston

We discussed East Boston being a perfect area for families but it is also a wonderful area for young professionals as well. Please refer to the families for more information about East Boston and its many great values.

Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain also known as JP is a wonderful place for young adults to gather and find many jobs especially if they are in the healthcare field. Local businesses are supported by the Jamaican Plain Business and Professional Association. It is accessible to multiple lines of the MBTA but you will also find many people walking and riding their bikes as well. The homes are vintage with the Victorian and Queen Anne houses. Overall you have many place you can attend and transportation you can take for the neighborhood to come to life for you.


Pros of Jamaica Plain:
  • Excellent job options for healthcare works
  • Many homes to choose from
  • Transportation accessibility
  • Walkable to different attraction


Cons of Jamaica Plain:
  • Not too much to do at night
  • Busy sidewalks
  • Transportation can be delayed
  • Homes are a little older

South Boston

South Boston is a very diverse micro-neighborhood where they prefer you to call the residents “Southies”. They were traditionally an Irish area, where the first St. Patrick’s Day celebration was in North America. Most of the residents here work close to home at the headquarters of companies such as EverTrue Catalant and many others. South Boston also comes with some amazing ocean views from the boardwalk on Castle Island. We can’t forget the art museums and other attractions that you can attend, like on Thursday it being free admission for the art museum. You can also go on a romantic date at the Lookout Rooftop and Bar which has amazing views of the city. South Boston, is a relaxing but yet fun area to stay when you are a young professional.

Boston has many historical areas for people to learn about while also being a great source of fun whether you are moving your family, or you’re coming here after college. Boston can be your home however you want it to with many different options to choose from as well. Allow Esquire Moving Company help you move into the right home that you have chosen for yourself. While you are enjoying your home, we are doing the heavy lifting! Choose us TODAY!

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