15 Reasons to Move to New York

New York is one of the most popular destinations for relocation. People come here not only from all over the country but also from all over the world. New York is the largest financial, political, cultural, scientific, and educational center in the United States. If you are looking for a job or university, this city offers unlimited opportunities. But in addition to career advancement, there’s a lot of entertainment waiting for you here. You won’t have to think about where to meet friends or where to go on the weekends. So do you want to know why New York City is the best place to live? We’ll tell you 15 reasons to move to New York.

Transportation system


New York City has a highly developed public transportation system, so more than half of the locals do not own cars and prefer buses, subways, and ferries. The New York City subway is the best way to get around the city. It is the largest in the world in terms of the number of lines (26) and stations (468). In the beginning, the subway map may seem confusing and complicated, but in time you will quickly learn how to get around the city.



If you’re planning on getting a higher education, New York is one of the best places on the planet. There are a large number of universities here. Each institution has its traditions and features and offers various bachelor, master, and doctoral degree programs. The list of top universities includes the prestigious elite Columbia University. New York is also home to Cornell University. Like other top-ranked universities, it has a renowned research center. You might also be interested in New York University, the University of Rochester, Colgate University.



Despite a large number of skyscrapers and dense buildings, New York City has plenty of green areas. Central Park is an iconic park in downtown Manhattan. It will take you several days to explore it. There is so much to do here. You can feed the ducks in the pond, ride your bike, rent a boat or even a Venetian gondola, go jogging with a crowd of New Yorkers, play tennis, or go to the zoo. You can also visit The High Line. It is located on the site of the former elevated railroad.



New York’s Museum Mile is located from 82nd Street to 104th Street on Fifth Avenue. MoMA is one of the best New York museums. The permanent exhibit is masterpieces: Malevich, Van Gogh, Wyeth, de Chirico, etc. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a giant museum with the most significant art collection in the Western Hemisphere. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is famous for its collection of over six thousand works of impressionist, post-Impressionist, and avant-garde artists. You’re sure to find a place to go.

Cafes and restaurants


Another reason why you should go to New York City is the food. There is an incredible number of cafes and restaurants for all tastes. You can visit Martha. It’s a Café with simple home-cooked food and great brunch. The food here is made with local products. Totto Ramen is the best place to try miso ramen with soybean paste, egg, green onions, and bean sprouts for only $2. Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant is located in the Grand Central station building. Since 1913, it has been serving the freshest seafood from across the United States.

Bars and clubs


Nightlife lovers are sure to find a place to their liking. They say New York City never sleeps. And it’s true. New York’s oldest bar is called McSorley’s Old Ale House. It opened in 1854. Almost every historically important American character you can remember has been here. The bar has heard everything from Lincoln’s speeches to John Lennon’s drunken revelations. Met Roof Garden Cafe & Martini Bar is located on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here you can grab a cool drink and enjoy the view.



Are you still wondering should I move to NYC? Absolutely, yes. The city is the center of world fashion. Here are the offices of the world’s famous brands. If you love shopping, this is the place for you. The biggest shopping center in New York City is called Macy’s. Here you can find almost everything from linens and housewares to designer clothes and engagement rings. But New York isn’t only about fashion. You can visit the Union Square Greenmarket and buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Active recreation


Life in New York City is in constant motion. Locals prefer to spend time outdoors. The city has a large number of bicycle paths. If you don’t have your bicycle, you can easily rent one. If you like adventure and extreme, then rent a jet ski or go to a professional shooting range. Blue Sky Ranch offers everyone skydiving and a bird’s-eye view of the capital of the world. And in winter, you can skate or enjoy skiing. There are a lot of options for outdoor activities.

Activities for Kids


Contrary to popular belief, New York City is a kid-friendly city. There are plenty of modern playgrounds from Union Square to Battery Park. In the city’s most important park you can find Central Park’s Safari Playground. There’s also the Children’s Museum of Manhattan and Brooklyn Children’s Museum. You can visit the New York Aquarium, which is located on the Riegelmann Boardwalk in Coney Island. Here you can see penguins, sea lions, walruses, sharks, and otters in their habitats. The Aquarium also has an aqua theater where sea lions perform.

Coffee shops


If you prefer to start your morning with a cup of coffee, then New York is the place for you. There are plenty of coffee shops here. You can check out Bluestone Lane. The coffee here is outstanding. Grab a latte with almond milk and try the avocado pasta with feta and tahini on toast. We guarantee you’ll have a lot of pleasure at this place. If you’re in the SoHo area, stop by La Colombe. It is one of the best places to try a latte.

Internet access


There are many wi-fi hotspots in the city, including Lincoln Center in Uptown, Bryant Park in Midtown, Union Square in the downtown area, and the entire Brooklyn Dumbo neighborhood. Hourly fees for Internet use in the cafes range from $3 to $12. If you have a laptop, you won’t have to search long for a coffee shop or restaurant with free wi-fi. In addition, there are more than 200 Starbucks coffee shops in New York City, as well as many Barnes & Nobles bookstores with free wi-fi access.

New York City neighborhoods


New York City is divided into five districts. Each has its character and unique atmosphere. The heart of New York is Manhattan. Here are all the important institutions of the city and the most recognizable landmarks. Queens is considered the most expansive district. Brooklyn is the most densely populated area. The Bronx is located north of Manhattan and is regarded as a bedroom community. The Staten Island District is more like a suburb and is connected to Manhattan by a ferryboat.

Job opportunities


New York City offers excellent career prospects for all who move to the city. The main offices of major multinational corporations are located here. It has the highest hourly wages compared to other U.S. cities. The highest income comes from finance, insurance services, information technology, medicine, tourism, culture, and many other areas. But before you come to New York for employment purposes, we recommend at least once to visit it for tourism purposes to learn more about the traditions and mentality of the inhabitants.



The level and quality of medical services in New York City are among the highest in the world. In addition, any resident or migrant can receive quality medical care. The city has a complex insurance system, which contains many levels. They vary according to the income level of the citizen. But even a person who comes to New York City for the first time and does not yet have insurance or belongs to a low-income group (up to $23,000 per year) receives a full range of medical services.

Employee retraining system


As we mentioned, New York is a city of opportunity. If you’ve lost your job here and can’t find your specialty for a long time, that’s okay. There is a whole system of retraining courses for workers. It is very convenient and allows everyone to find themselves in any economic situation. By the way, for the residents of this megalopolis and the United States in general, the normal phenomenon to change jobs every 10-15 years. So, whatever happens in your life in New York, you can always find a way out.

We hope we named the main reasons why do people move to NYC. It’s an excellent city for those who want to succeed. If you wish to devote your life to a career as a photographer, artist, designer, documentary filmmaker, journalist, or novelist, this city is waiting for you. New York loves active people. If you do decide to move to this incredible city, we wish you the best of luck!

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