10 Reasons to Move to Seattle

It is almost impossible to meet a person who has not had to deal with relocation. Some people change their apartment for a house or a larger apartment, while others move to another city because of work. One of the activities of our company is moving to Seattle. This beautiful city is located in the northwest part of the US. If you consider it as a new place to live, we will tell you why you should move here. So are you ready to hear about the best things about living in Seattle? Then let’s get started.

Low unemployment


The unemployment rate here is about 4%. The minimum wage in Seattle is $15 an hour. It is an essential aspect for those wishing to move here for permanent residence. There is a wide choice of high-paying jobs here. The IT sector holds first place. But the high pay applies not only to high-level professionals but also to employees with a much lower level of knowledge. The standard of living in the city is relatively high. We are sure that you will appreciate the advantages of living here.

Education level


Seattle has a high level of education. It is home to a large number of educational institutions, including the famous University of Washington. It is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The city also has Seattle University and Seattle Pacific University. There are regular conferences and meetings in Seattle. Here you can get new knowledge and meet interesting people. The level of education among newcomers remains high. It is primarily due to the great competition in the labor market. Many well-known companies such as Microsoft and Amazon have their headquarters in Seattle.

Public transport


For many people, the city must have a sound transportation system. Seattle is one of them. The Link light rail takes you from the Tacoma area to the University of Washington. If you are flying out of Seattle, take Link to the airport. It will cost you about $3 one way. It’s much cheaper than Uber or Lyft! There are also many buses running around the city. You don’t need to have a car to live in Seattle. But if you do need a car, you can use the Zipcar app.

Economic system


In the course of its economic development, the town experienced a series of ups and downs. The early 1880s saw the development of the lumber industry. The second period is associated with the gold rush that began in 1896. During World War II, Seattle received many government orders for military equipment, which started the growth of businesses. The mid-’90s saw a boom in technology. It was the latest stage in the city’s economic development. During the last decade of the 20th century, Seattle’s population grew by 50,000 due to the growth of techno-corporations.

Beauty and cleanliness


Seattle is one of those cities where you can experience all four seasons. The most beautiful time of the year is summer. It starts in early July and lasts until mid-September. The temperature here is around 70 degrees and rarely rises above 95. The proximity to the ocean makes the air in the city clean and fresh. Fall in Seattle is no less beautiful. There are many green areas, so watching the changing colors of the leaves is a pleasure. It never smells terrible outside unless you walk past a garbage can.

Unique neighborhoods


Are you still asking why you should move to Seattle? Then we have one more reason to make your choice for the city. Seattle has many unique neighborhoods filled with excellent restaurants, bars, markets, and cute stores. There’s always something to do in the city. One of the most exciting neighborhoods is Capitol Hill. There are many bars and restaurants, small concert venues, and independent stores. Ballard is also home to many good places. It’s perfect for a fun night out. And in Fremont, you’ll find a great choice of vintage clothing.



One of the traditional dishes is steak or roast beef with blood, with vegetables or potatoes on the side. Seattle restaurateurs are absolutely convinced that they can satisfy the needs of any foodie. All cuisines of the world are represented here. For example, the restaurant Canlis will be loved by connoisseurs of fish and meat dishes. It will also please romantics and lovers of a relaxed but refined atmosphere. If you go to El Gaucho Seattle, be sure to make a reservation. For those who like experiments, the Blueacre Seafood is the right place to go.

Green areas


Seattle is called the Emerald City for a reason. There are plenty of parks and gardens. You can walk through them for hours and enjoy the breathtaking views. Kerry Park has the most fantastic view of Seattle. If you go there in the evening with a cup of aromatic coffee and watch the sunset, you can fall in love with this city forever. Lake Union Park is a place where you don’t need company. The park is on the shore of Lake Union, where seaplanes take off and land. At Seattle Japanese Garden, you can see cherry blossoms and a pond with koi fish.



Most Seattle beaches have great playgrounds for kids, locker rooms, and showers. Some even offer boat, kayak, and board rentals. The city has an excellent Alki Beach. The first time you are on this beach, you feel that it is already a completely different city, with its own atmosphere. You can play volleyball, ride the paddleboard, or dance the salsa. There are also some ocean beaches not far from the city. They are on the coast of a cozy cove, protected from waves and winds. The water here is clean and quiet but not warm.



Seattle does not have a lot of important historical sites, but it has a large number of exciting museums and art galleries. In the heart of the city is the work of architect Frank O. Gehry. Some call it unattractive, while others point out its originality. This building houses the Museum of Pop Culture. At Chihuly Garden and Glass, you will find a beautiful combination of sculptures and extraordinary glassware. For those who want to save money, they can visit this museum in the morning, when the ticket price will be $10 cheaper.

We hope we’ve given enough reasons to move to Seattle. There are many unique and exciting places in the city. It’s worth noting that over the past year, the cost of renting here has dropped slightly. If you’re still wondering why to move to Seattle, come here for a few weeks. Take a walk around the city and get a feel for its atmosphere. We guarantee you’ll want to stay here longer!

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