Tips From the Pros How to Move a Pinball Machine

Pinball has recently become popular again. But it is quite a heavy load. To transport it safely, you need some knowledge. Our team has been helping people move for a long time. We know how to move different items safely. Our team has prepared some helpful hints for you on how to move a pinball machine. You need to be very careful when transporting it. It weighs quite a bit. So, where to start?

Remove the balls


Each pinball machine has many balls. Before transporting it, you need to pull all the balls out. They are located in a particular storage container. You can open the container with a screwdriver. When you get all the balls, put them in a small box. You can label the box to make it easier to find in the new location.

Remove or fold down the head


A place where you see the score is called the head. Modern machines have a hinge system. Remove the pin and fall down the head. Then put the pin back in place. Headboxes in older machines (over 20 years old) are usually bolted down with two or four bolts. In that case, you follow the same way. You unscrew the bolts and fall down the head.

Electromechanical machines


First, you will need to take the back panel off. You might have a key for this panel. If not, you can use a regular screwdriver. When you get inside the panel, disconnect the connectors. We also recommend marking these connectors so you can plug them back in.


You can now remove the headbox. We recommend using foam plastic or a blanket to keep it from friction on the cabinet. This way, the glass will remain intact.

Early Pinballs


If you own such a machine, you should remove the back glass. You will find a lock on the headbox. After unlocking, carefully lift the glass with the lifting channel. Pull it out through the bottom part of the headbox. We also recommend you wrap the glass in suitable packing material to prevent damage. As a rule, there is a unique pattern on the surface of the glass. It will be difficult to replace in case of injury.

Then you can open the back box lamp. You can remove the bolts and plugs. After that, you can lock the lamp panel.

Modern Machines


These pinballs have a latch. It is located in the back of the headbox. You should also have an Allen key. Use this tool to turn the latch 90° counter-clockwise. For some machines you don’t have to use particular tools. They have a latching system in the back. Now you can pack the headbox using foam or heavy cardboard. You can also use blankets.


You need to open the lock if you can’t fold the headbox down. It is located on the back glass. You can now remove the back glass. You have to take the display off panel and open the lamp panel. Then you can unscrew the two bolts and fold the head box onto the cabinet.

Remove the Legs


Another important step is to take the legs off of your machine. We recommend putting a blanket next to the pinball. This way, it will be easier for you to pack it. You will need the help of at least two people. Each leg should have eight bolts. Your assistants will hold the machine while you unscrew the bolts. After that, you can remove the legs.

Sometimes captive nuts can be damaged. In that case, you need to open the front door of the pinball and lift the playfield up. Once you have removed all the nuts, replace the playfield glass. Lock down the bar and the front door.

When removing the legs, don’t forget which ones are back and which are front. It will be easier for you to put everything together.



After you have disassembled everything, you need to pack it securely. We recommend purchasing a furniture blanket and other supplies in advance. You will also need to pack the glass carefully. Foam is a good choice for this. You can also use bubble wrap before wrapping the machine with a blanket. This material does not cause statics. It also does an excellent job of protecting items from damage. We recommend using multiple blankets to wrap your stuff. You can pack small details in a box. Each box should be labeled. It will be easy for you to find the necessary item in its new location.



Now you come to the final step, which is loading. First, make sure that your load can fit through the doorways. You can also use a handcart to move the item. Before you load the cargo into the truck, make sure that you place it with the bottom side down. Once the item is in the truck, secure it with straps. You can also put a blanket, bumpers, and other protective items nearby.



Once you get to the desired location you will need to assemble your machine. Put all the pieces on the floor. Ensure that the light bulbs you turned off are in working order. Put the back glass back in its place. Now you can attach the legs. You don’t have much left. The last step is to get the headbox back in place.

We also have some tips for moving heavy loads. No matter what item you want to transport, you should follow a few rules to keep it intact:

  • Be sure to ask for help.
  • Try not to move heavy items on your own. You may damage not only the item but also hurt yourself.
  • Get the right equipment. You can use a dolly, straps, or a hoist.
  • Purchase reliable packing materials in advance.

You can also get professional help. Competent movers know how to transport heavy items properly. They can carefully disassemble and reassemble it. Our moving company helps people move different stuff. We have the necessary tools and trained employees. We also have quality packing materials. Our company offers a wide range of services. You can do some job yourself and leave the rest to us. If you trust us to do all the work, you don’t have to worry about anything. Our team will ensure that all the parts are securely packed. We will bring the required tools with us. Our company will also help you save time.

Esquire Moving offers quality and inexpensive services. You can hardly find many companies that provide such good value for money. Moreover, we always treat customers as people rather than business accounts. We’ll take care of all the hard work. You can be sure that moving a pinball machine will be problem-free. If you would like to know more about our rates, you can contact our moving consultants. Our team always considers your wishes. Esquire will make sure you get the best customer experience possible! We will provide you with the best pinball machine movers. You will no longer have a hard time transporting bulky loads. You can count on our team in any situation. We guarantee that everything you entrust to us will remain intact.

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