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All local moves are based on hourly rates with 15 minutes increment charge policy and vary depending on crew size and calendar date.

Request your move online

Request your move online

Up to 1 hour Travel Time is applied to all jobs in Greater Boston area and minimum 30 min. (15 min for our movers to get to you address from our office plus 15 min to get back when the move is finished).

We have a 2 hours minimum, including travel time, charge policy. After first 2 hours, the move time is prorated every 15 min.

Long Distance Moving

Is based upon the mileage from the origin to the destination, and the cubic footage of your belongings.

Boston to New York City
from $950
$ 1,600
$ 5300
From / To Boston moving services. Rates stars from:
Boston - New York
   same day delivery
Buffalo, NY .... $1500
Philadelphia, PA .... $1300
Baltimore, MD .... $1300
Washington, DC .... $1600
Burlington, VT .... $900
Portland, ME $600
Charlotte, NC .... $2500

Storage Pricing

Storage pricing varies based on size of inventory, duration of storage, and season.

Up to 6 months

Long-term storage is clean, dry, climate and temperature controlled.


(room or less)
$ 90 / month


(Studio size appartment)
$ 130 / month


(1 Br. apartment)
$ 170 / month
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