Moving Blog #62 – Using crates for a move

Scientific advance is on the go all time. Humans are delving and using science in every field of work. For instance, tet’s see the value of plastic containers used for a move. Here are only some positive traits of crates:

  • they are light, yet durable enough
  • they are aesthetically pleasing
  • unlike cardboard, plastic doesn’t lose shape on impact and doesn’t get wet, which guarantees the safety of plastic containers’ contents
  • you cut costs renting containers rather than buying them
  • you save your time and gas: upon prior request, the company’s employees bring containers and take them back after the lease expires
  • containers are easily interfolded and don’t take much space. This is pretty important if you need to wait a little before the moving day
  • another critical thing is the environmental friendliness of our offer


The main secret of the success of this idea is customer care. Containers have proven themselves well, so we have no doubts about their efficiency. Find it interesting? Let’s roll, then…

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