Moving Blog #61 – Polyptych of the Moving

Module 1

When decide to move, face the new baldly

  • set the date of the move
  • choose a moving company
  • down to work! Much is to be done…

Module 2

First things first, pack your stuff:

  • from the walls: pictures, photos with frames and others
  • photo albums, stamp collections, recipe books
  • move on to books and magazines (see? the bookshelf is already emptied)
  • DVD, CD discs, videogames
  • festive cookware, dinnerware sets
  • kitchen utensils that you rarely use

Module 3

Let’s explore closets and pack:

  • unseasonal clothes and shoes. Outerwear, hats, gloves. Of course, you should leave the essentials on the hanger.
  • tools and items for hobbies or creative works (it is unlikely you will have time for these during the moving)
  • board games and numerous toys (leave only a couple of those for the baby)

Module 4

Pack non-essential items:

  • bijouterie, make-up that you won’t need, hair brushes, hairpins and the rest of the stuff you can do without during the moving home. Get a separate box for jewelry.
  • numerous little things: figurines, scented candles and so on. Remember: moving is an opportunity to get rid of unnecessary things J
  • textile goods. Pack everything except the most essential items.
  • clean out the kitchen. You can get by with disposable tableware and fast food for now. Otherwise, you can go to a local restaurant.
  • office items – box everything up!

Have you noticed that there are more and more boxes? Label each of them! The moving day is coming!

Module 5

It’s time for large and medium forms

  • carefully pack computers and other pricey devices and try to keep them close to yourself
  • household appliances: pack everything you can pack on your own. Wait until movers come to pack things that need such help.
  • furniture should wait for the experts to come…

Module 6

Final touch…

  • take out the trash; remember that cleaning up is like the words of gratitude to the walls that sheltered you
  • watch specially trained people who carry out heavy proof of your residence in this house…
  • go through the empty rooms probably being overwhelmed by the memories … well, go ahead! To a new life! To write a new polyptych…

Module 7

The author’s byline

Just like that, step by step you painted a picture of the moving home, a painting-polyptych, consisting of modules (recommendations). Take a close look at the colors (words) so that your canvas (moving) is filled only with bright shades (impressions).


Sincerely yours, ESQUIRE MOVING

What is necessary to pack stuff?  

If you decide to pack all of your stuff on your own, stock up on wide tape, bubble wrap and stretch wrap. Straps and garbage bags are also necessary. The most important thing is heavy-duty cardboard boxes. Contact Esquire Moving, check the quality of our boxes and other packing material. We will keep your things safe and secure!

Without mistakes!

Experience of moving has shown that people tend to make the same mistakes over and over again. For instance:

  • estimate the amount of work incorrectly: they see the closet but don’t see what it contains ? You don’t want to leave it in your old place, do you?
  • dealing with furniture, people often do not pack it at all or refuse to pack couches, tables or pieces of disassembled furniture
  • pack in a hurry

Let us remind you: experts of Esquire Moving carry out the move on a turnkey basis, damage free.

An Inspector-General is coming…

…well, he is coming in the Gogol’s play while on your end something else is coming, and that is the moving ?

An inspection of so many things and furniture items is needed. Re-evaluate the value of each thing and don’t take unnecessary, “extra” things along. It’d be better to give them away, sell, or simply throw away. If there are things that you are not ready to part with, but there is no room for them in the new apartment – leave them at a storehouse. Esquire Movers is pleased to offer storage services. Learn more details by dialing (617) 952-1505

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