Moving Blog #60 – The Profession of a Mover in Cinema and Not Only

At all times and in all countries, the services of movers were and still are in high demand. Probably that is the reason why the profession is reflected in a number of movies, literary writings, and songs. In the movie “On the Waterfront”, the famous American movie director and actor Marlon Brando took on the role of a mover. He fully fulfilled his professional duties in order to reveal his character.

The plot of this film is based on a crime story written by Malcolm Johnson, who won the 1949 Pulitzer Prize. Playwright Arthur Miller, who was the pioneer of modern cinema, wrote the play “View from the Bridge” that tells us about the hard work of a mover.

Sculptures Dedicated to Movers

In Museum Rooms

In 1893 the Belgian sculptor and artist Constantin Meunier created a bronze figure of a mover that emphasized the energy and heroism of a person of this profession. “He embodied the worker the way the Greeks embodied the athletes,” said Emile Verhárne, Belgian poet and playwright.

And here is bronze, once again, from the French sculptor Henri -Louis Levasseur. This sculpture perfectly conveys the strength and resilience of this profession.

Sculptures dedicated to movers

on squares

In Stambul, there is a monument to a mover at the Grand Bazaar. The area of this bazaar is more than 31,000 square meters, and there are about 5,000 shops. The work of movers is in great demand, so the monument has been installed there as a sign of respect for people of this profession.

Here is a monumental composition to the Marseille dockmen. The movers are certainly powerful – together they lift a 20-foot container like it’s a child’s play. However, they are dressed somewhat unconventionally for the South of France… 🙂

The statue of a working student of two meters that weighs one ton is made of concrete covered with bronze paint. It was installed near a hardware store in Vladimir in 2009. Here is the topic of movers again: you can see a bag of cement in his hands and a record book sticking out of his pocket.

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