Moving Blog #59 – We support healthy competition


It may seem odd but we recommend you do the following when moving office:

  • look through offers of various moving companies
  • analyze feedback
  • compare prices, conditions, and additional services
  • don’t cut corners on a team of movers – both the safety of your belongings and the timing of the moving depend on their well-coordinated work and professionalism
  • sign an agreement with a moving company

After you talk to the manager of the company you will get all the necessary information, and you will answer the question of why you chose us after the moving office is done.

Moving office with Esquire moving

Here are the steps we take when moving office:

  • a company representative visits an office in advance and estimates the scope of work
  • works out the rate
  • offers various packaging options
  • offers furniture assembling/disassembling services


Our advantages:

  • any kind of transportation, even at night time
  • our movers are experienced employees who do not make mistakes
  • loading equipment guarantees the safety of your belongings when being taken to the truck
  • planning of the optimal route and strict adherence to the agreed terms
  • placing the items according to the plan
  • the possibility of tracking the cargo when moving long distances
  • fair fixed price

The agreement with the company is legally protected, and there is an insurance service.

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