Moving Blog #38 – Lonely Boston we are with you…

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker and his team doing their maximum best support in the Great Boston Area. Today, May 18th, 2020, we heard and received 6 things plan about reopening the Mass coming up days. The first thing is the hottest question about new freedoms and how are we going to manage this?


  1. More importantly you enjoy outdoor activities – just in time for warmer weather but please keep the golden rules for preventing the spread.
  2. Many citizens have asked about wearing the mask is still active or not. Absolutely yes, wearing masks will show your intelligence and support to the environment.
  3. Traveling questions still unclear and waiting for further instructions on that
  4. Many dorm students are concerned about their school for fall and handling massive issues is not easy for all of us. The only advice is to follow the fundamental instructions until we all get proper answers.
  5. We feel sorry for those who lost their loved ones and who have viruses. Many local residents are wondering if they allowed to visit them and provide them any necessary things. As we strongly recommended that for now, it’s not safe for anyone, and it’s better to stay home and stay safe.
  6. The last important question when it’s going to be over. Even in the final phase of reopening the states and boards won’t change anything until we all be patient. I know how hard it is and will get through this together.


As you know that our business is counted as an essential business where we will be serving our community our best with maximum safety. Stay safe all. Stay together. #EsquireMovers

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