Moving Blog #32 – Meet Esquire’s Heroes: Aues

Hi friends. This is Aues who loves spending his free time with his dog, Kenny. Aues is a positive and friendly person among our staff. When the job starts at 8 o’clock morning Aues comes at 7 early in the morning. Even though he waits for another hour but he likes talking to other team members before he goes to work. One day he brought his dog to meet us and Kenny is so cute that we wanted to bring him every day unfortunately one of our employees had an allergy for a dog. Talking about Aues experience and how he started his career at Esquire Moving was unforgettable. On his first day, Aues was giving a cultural chapan to our human resource department in regard to hiring him for the position. Nevertheless our policy did not accept his generosity and we anyway loved his positive attitude.

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