Moving Blog #3


Do not underestimate movers, my friend. We work desperately diligent to have an American dream. This is my lovely girl after exhausting day I just release my feelings and spend time. Being a mover is so much interesting. Movers are the heroes of the relocation market. We move anything you ask, and we travel around the world. That is why becoming a mover is all about the adventurer. You face challenges that only can be mediated by movers. Be a mover! Be a hero!


How to reserve a parking spot in Boston?

Not everyone considers getting permits for their relocation BUT having a permit is being a SUPERHERO.

3 Quick standard procedure steps you need to follow up.

  1. Set your move day.
  2. The addresses of both locations.
  3. Click here to get it a permit and your permit will be operated between 7 AM to 5 PM.

See? Easy-peasy.


How to properly move a washer?

As you see in this picture you probably not recognizing the washer because it utterly wrapped by a plastic shrink. Many customers curious about why movers wrap the appliances when you can simply care. There 3 reasons why it is.

  1. Make sure cords and other wire cables are taped well so it won’t bother you throughout the move.
  2. Shut the doors of your appliances for your safety.
  3. Lastly, wrap the washer. Why? It is super convenient to lift the washer when the piece is a little bit awkward.
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