Moving Blog #22 – Choosing your quality moving company (Part 1)

As you already realized that there are various moving companies and it is getting difficult in finding the one that you will always count on. To make your choice easy and decidable we will go over with the five important steps that you need to be attentive to your selection.

First, the most essential part is to make sure that your moving company has verified all the legitimate information.

What are they?

There are DOT number, MC, and MDPU. The second, once you check their licenses and insurance policies the next step is rates and reputations.

By saying that, it will help you to avoid bad customer experience and expensive quotes.

Many moving companies have been charging customers for several reasons that they should not. Avoid paying for unlimited travel time miles while you can find a flat rate.

Please see the next blog for the rest of the blog.

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