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Discover the secrets to flawlessly packing dishes & plates – make your moving experience silky smooth

Ah, yes. Beginning to embark on the journey to a new abode can be an exhilarating experience. This voyage can be filled with all sorts of hardships before you get to enjoy the advantages of a new abode.

At Esquire moving our aim is to have your moving experience as smooth as possible.

One way to ensure your seamless transition from old home to new is by giving you a ninja trick that will have your dishes packed up safe & sound – in the blink of an eye.

Here’s the best way to pack dishes for moving:

The ultimate toolkit

Prior to delving into the art of packing, let’s quickly make sure that you’re well-equipped with the essential elements needed in your toolkit. You’ll need:

  • An array of boxes, each ranging in size and shape
  • Packing paper (could be newspaper or something more premium)
  • Bubble wrap is seriously handy here, too
  • Individual pieces of cardboard to go in the boxes which will be used as dish dividers / cardboard inserts
  • Some tape
  • A label-maker – which you’ll be seriously grateful for when unpacking

Get these ready to go and you’re ready to go!

Click here and check out boxes of all shapes and sizes + additional packing material for your move – all available for delivery, too!

Not everything will make the cut, and that’s okay

This is going to be where we decide what’s staying and what’s going with us! It can be difficult to part with some of these pieces of dishware on which we’ve enjoyed so many home-cooked meals…

Make sure we’re only taking what we actually use here. If it’s something you purchased with the intention of using but never did?

Someone at a charitable location will be more than happy to fulfill this cup’s destiny and be sipped from.

Be selective and take only what you use or plan on using. By curating a compact assortment, you’ll streamline the packing process and be saving a ton of energy and time by doing so.


Establishing a rock-solid foundation for your containers

We believe in laying a foundation to give that extra layer of cushion / protection will increase survivability rates tremendously. Seriously, this is one of the ninja tricks I wouldn’t skip over. The effort to reward ratio is crazy, too. It doesn’t take long! Crumple up some newspaper, use bubble wrap, or get creative here! Line the bottom of your boxes with something absorbent and the peace of mind you’ll get knowing nothing will break is huge.


Wrapping Each Dish Individually

We know, it’s laborious and can take up a lot of your time to pull through with this one. But, we do feel that. It’s ideal for protecting your dishes and plates from those nasty glass on glass scratches and preventing any dish scraping ?

Again, bubble wrap, packing paper, or newspaper are your friends here!

Start by placing a piece of your packing material of choice on a flat surface, and carefully place a dish in the center. Fold the corners of the paper or bubble wrap over the dish, make sure the dishware is completely covered.

Packing Service

Divide & Conquer 

An additional measure of protection to safeguard your plates & dishware is to place the cardboard inserts into the boxes. With this extra layer of organization and protection for each dish, you’ll be preventing them from ever touching which could lead to chips, scrapes, and breaks. All stuff we don’t want happening. This safeguard method almost guarantees safety.


Packing Your Plates Vertically

It may seem tempting to stack ‘n pack, but placing your plates vertically rather than horizontally is a more safeguarded approach. Wrap each plate up with your preferred absorbent material and then secure them with tape! Placing wrapped plates on their edges inside the box and keeping the more sturdy plates at the bottom.

Now that you’ve got properly packed plates (whoa, that’s almost a tongue twister!) your plates have an extremely reduced risk of any damage being dealt while moving – good job!

Now, we’re cruising along and you’ve almost got all of your plates packed with precision and care.

All that’s left now is to put some final touches and wrap it all up nicely with a bow, metaphorically speaking of course!

So, we’re gonna now Seal + Label the boxes!

Take a little bit of time for this next organization step as it’s going to make unpacking an absolute breeze.

We’re going to use some of that packing tape to reinforce the bottom and top of boxes, this will ensure its durability.

Lastly, let’s label each box with a marker. This is going to make unpacking an absolute dream. WIth the peace of mind knowing each box is properly labeled you won’t have to suffer having to randomly peek inside later on when moving in.

Relocating is a huge transition and our goal is to make it as seamless as possible.

We hope you utilize these packing tactics and wish you the best on your new chapter in life ?

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